YOTEL seeks coffee and tea partner for expanding global hotel chain

YOTEL seeks coffee and tea partner for expanding global hotel chain

Affordable, luxury hotel brand YOTEL is looking for a coffee and tea partner to help create a branded hot drink offering across its global and growing chain of hotels.

Marianna Alfa, global vice president of food & beverage for YOTEL, was recently brought on board to develop and roll-out a premium drink and food proposition that fits with YOTELS’s branding and “lifestyle” aspirations.

YOTEL is set to have 60 hotels under management or development by 2023, including a new city hotel in London Clerkenwell in addition to the existing in-terminal hotels at London Gatwick and London Heathrow.  YOTEL already operates hotels in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Currently hot drinks are supplied by a variety of partners across the three continents and the aim is to not only move towards an exclusive supply service, but also a “specially curated product”.

“We know this is a big ask, but at YOTEL we like to think big. Our brand takes all the elements of luxury travel and puts in to smaller cleverly designed spaces making it not only affordable, but fun, comfortable and super easy to connect. To us it is not just about offering bespoke hot drinks but doing so in a technologically advanced way that will make it incredibly convenient to our guests”, Alfa told Coffee Business World.

Top of the agenda, said YOTEL, when choosing an exclusive partner, will be both “exceptional quality products and the ability to serve the group globally”. Guests at the hotel will be charged for the beverages, but at a price point that will make it “exceptional value”.

“We are looking for a partnership with a well-respected and recognisable brand with quality products – we believe this is something guests will pay for if it exceeds their expectations, which is exactly what we like to do at YOTEL during every point of the customer journey.”

YOTEL’s proposition is to have “cleverly designed” rooms - or cabins as it calls them - ideal for a “perfect night’s sleep, but with multifunctional public spaces, for work and recreation.  Currently hot drink offerings in these areas is a mixture of self and bar service.

YOTEL operates four airport hotels in London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol and Paris, Charles de Gaulle airports; and three city hotels in New York, Boston and Singapore, with rapid expansion plans globally, with new hotels under development including Singapore Changi Airport and Istanbul New Airport, and new city hotels in San Francisco, London Clerkenwell, Dubai, Edinburgh, Miami and Amsterdam.  In January 2018 YOTEL announced the launch of a new brand, YOTELPAD with five deals in the USA, Europe and the Middle East.

  • YOTEL was created by YO! founder Simon Woodroffe in 2002.

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