Wogan Coffee: James Wogan 'I love it. I am just going to nerd out’

Wogan Coffee: James Wogan 'I love it.  I am just going to nerd out’

James Wogan, green buyer of Wogan Coffee, is the third generation of his family to be involved in the business, that was set up by his grandfather in 1970.

Why do you love the coffee industry – what made you want to become a coffee roaster?

I am a weird case. My dad took over the company in 1991, and while my dad is still the one in charge, my sister and I are hanging around in the wings learning. I wasn’t planning to go into coffee. I did four years at University and was going to work in Government. I was working in the roastery to fill a gap and thought I love this and it is really fun – so I cancelled my application to Government and have stayed here for the last two years.

I love just how scientific roasting is and when one-degree in a roast can make such as difference. I love how varied all of it is and I think roasting is the place that you can have such massive variances.


What has been the biggest lesson in your career so far?`

My dad probably gave me the biggest lesson, which is that no one knows everything. Every single day I learn something new. Coffee is constantly changing and it is never the same.


As a roastery business that has been operating for over 40 years what has changed in that time and what are the challenges?

It is consumer preferences. When we started there was not the same interest in coffee. People drank it because they needed some caffeine in the morning. But now there is far more interest and passion in it. There is always the challenge to meet consumer preferences.

We have a washed Ethiopian Coffee that tastes like Jasmine tea but there are always going to be some people who do want darker coffee and a coffee with Robusta. I predict developed roasts will become more popular but I am not talking old school, continental styles. I would also not be surprised if there was a move to more regional products.


You are showcasing at the Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo Roastery Masterclass Live? What made you want to become involved?

I love it. I am just going to nerd out. I like to get quite into it and there are not that many places where you can really go for it. There is going to be a group of people that all really care and are really interested in coffee. Anytime you can help to increase the amount of information in the coffee world is always a good thing.


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