What is the future for tea in 2019?

What is the future for tea in 2019?

2019 will continue to see the growth of wellness tea.

This trend isn’t just reflective of consumers shift towards healthier products in general, it also reflects a change in the tea occasion from the ‘routine’ to the ‘functional’.

Consumers are increasingly drinking a broader range of teas to service the different needs in their life. Some of these benefits include to relax, to detox, to feel awake or even to accompany a food.

This growth in speciality teas is primarily driven by millennials who are looking for teas which are deemed healthier for body and mind; and are willing to pay more for these nourishing moments.

Additionally, we are going to see more tea experiences popping up, whether that’s afternoon teas or tea pairing menus; as tea drinkers become more focused on the enjoyment and ‘the moment’ that a cup of tea brings. Venues will need to be offering experiences far beyond what is offered at home in order to succeed next year.

These millennial consumers are focused on sustainability, and we predict more venues next year will be serving ethically sourced and environmentally friendly tea products to meet demand.

Modern Brits are becoming more passionate about their cup of tea and are seeking brands with genuine stories that match their own values. The key for venues to remember is that tea can’t just be an ‘add-on’ to your menu but a product range given the same care and attention as coffee.

The future of tea is looking very positive; and we predict the nation’s favourite drink is no longer going to be deemed as just a refreshment, but a drink which provides social opportunities and genuine benefits to the consumer’s body and mind.

2019 will see new tea brands emerging, and also traditional tea brands rebranding to bring new products to market with a story to share and offering specialist and ethical teas. We predict that more consumers will be wanting to savour their tea moments; and share their experiences whether with loved ones or even social channels. The last year has seen a tea revolution where consumers, hospitality, retail and brands are viewing tea in a new way. The future of tea is looking exciting and is only going to continue to bloom.



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