What are the trends in milk?

What are the trends in milk?

Latte remains the most popular choice of drink for consumers drinking in the out of home sector.  

Beverage Business World takes a look at milk trends and what the latest statistics reveal.

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  • Almost a quarter (23%) of Brits used plant-based milk alternatives in the three months to February 2019, up from just 19% in 2018. (Mintel)


  • 26% of women enjoy plant-based milk alternatives and as many as a third (33%) of 16-24s opt for these varieties. (Mintel)


  • Plant-based milk alternatives continue to grow in popularity but accounted for just 4% of volume sales and 8% of value sales of white milk in 2018. (Mintel)


  • A fall in usage among 16-24s comes of standard cow’s milk is for health reasons (37%) and  environmental (36%).  (Mintel)


  • It is estimated that 21M plant-based coffee drinks are now being served each week. (Alpro)


  • Almost half (48%) of coffee drinkers were now regularly choosing plant-based milk for their coffee while on the go – with taste, health and environment among the biggest motivations for doing so. (Alpro For Professionals survey of 2,000 adults)


  • Only one in five of all coffee drinkers reported that they have not tried a plant-based alternative out of home. (Alpro For Professionals survey of 2,000 adults)


  • Three out of 10 coffee drinkers (28%) said that they now choose a plant-based coffee shop option at least once a week, whilst one in 14 said they opt for plant-based coffees on the go every day. (Alpro For Professionals survey of 2,000 adults)


  • Just over a quarter of coffee drinkers (27.7%) said they wanted to see more plant-based drinks options on menus, with Soya, Almond, Coconut and Oat options making up their favourite serves. (Alpro)


  • When purchasing coffee, 89% of lactose intolerant consumers say milk is important to the taste, texture, and appearance of the drink. (Arla)


  • A third of consumers said that they would opt for plant-based options out of necessity rather than choice, with 58% resorting to black coffee, and 15% avoiding tea and coffee completely when dining out. (Arla)


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