Wadworth sees net coffee sales hit nearly £1M a year

Wadworth sees net coffee sales hit nearly £1M a year

Regional brewer and pub operator Wadworth has seen net coffee sales across its 55 pubs hit nearly £1M a year.

The Wiltshire based company introduced a coffee menu ten years ago that now represents 5% of its total food category and has grown by 4.9% year-on-year.

Partnering with local Bristol family coffee roasters, Brian Wogan Roasters, to introduce their coffee menu has meant they have been able to promote locally sourced roasted coffee and work with them to create the right coffee menu depending on the pub’s individual style and customer.

“Coffee is an extremely important offer for any pub. It is a high margin product delivering around 80% margin for us and is a drink choice that sweeps up trade during quieter times for your typical pub i.e. mornings and afternoon tea times,” said Wadworth food manager Scott Ferguson.

“Having our coffee sourced from a south west business also creates a unique offer and our customers prefer to see this than a national brand”.

Within the Wadworth estate Americano is still very much the frontrunner when it comes to customers coffee choice with around £250,000 of sales per year for the small family brewer. Sales of hot chocolate and flat white are also starting to grow within the business.

“We worked with Wogans to develop the right size and type cup for each coffee as this is as crucial as the coffee itself,” Ferguson said.

“We’ve also seen recently a rise in people experimenting with flavour combinations wanting syrups and milks so we’ve developed these with Wogans alongside innovating different cakes and side biscuits to suit and complement the coffee choices and flavours.”

As part of the supplier relationship all the coffee equipment is supplied and maintained by the roasters and each pub team receives regular Barista training from the company. Each pub has a coffee champion who mentors and supports the delivery of coffee for that location.



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