Coffee sales in offices hit £212M

Coffee sales in offices hit £212M

Just under half (44%) of all coffee consumed out of home in the UK is drunk in the office, new research from CoffeeBI has revealed.

In data, seen by Beverage Business World, the research company based in Milan, said that the consumption of coffee in UK offices is worth €245m (£212M) -  representing 35% in value of the UK market.

Meanwhile. CoffeeBI said that coffee consumed out‐of‐home represents 36% in volume of total coffee consumed in the UK.  In 2018, this equated in value to €692M (£596M) - at sell‐in prices.

It revealed that the number of registered companies in the UK is about 2.1M, but with a higher rate of medium-sized companies compared to other European countries.  

The average coffee consumption in the UK is 2.9 kg per person per annum compared to between 7 to 8g in other European countries, but UK consumption is increasing. However, most of the coffee consumed is instant/soluble (70%).

HoReCa, that includes cafés, restaurants, hotels and businesses such as catering, bakeries, canteens, represents about 48% of total value (€335M or £288M), with increases of 1.7% on average during the last three years.

The remaining part of coffee consumed out‐of‐home includes workplaces, hospitals, universities, railway stations, airports and other high‐frequency areas, which are expected to see increased growth.  

This represents the remaining 16% of the total with a value of €112M (£96.5M) (+1% on average from 2016).

Overall in Europe, the value of the coffee consumption in offices is around €3.1BN (£2.7BN) and has increased 6.2% on average over the last three years.

The top five countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK) represent 72% of the total value of office coffee sales with an average growth of 3.3% in the last three years.

Germany is the leader for office coffee consumption with a value of  €725M (£624M) and an average growth of 3%.

Among other European countries, some show very high growth in consumption in offices, it revealed. In particular, in recent years, strong growth has been recorded in Northern Europe and in some Eastern European countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic.


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