Tim Sturk to drive coffee offer at Angel Hill Foods

Tim Sturk to drive coffee offer at Angel Hill Foods

Tim Sturk joins Angel Hill Foods this month as director of coffee from BaxterStorey, where he was head of coffee training and development.

The new role, a board position, has been created to build up the coffee offer at Angel Hill Foods, which offers catering solutions for large and small businesses, from staff canteens to private dining and vending.

"It’s a big opportunity for me," Sturk told Coffee Business World. "I’ve taken everything at BaxterStorey as far as it can go, and moving to a smaller company and being able to bring with me all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the last 10 years will be exciting."

Sturk’s renowned for his knowledge and passion about coffee and believes emphasis must be on the quality of the coffee served, rather than too much attention on the latest innovation or piece of equipment. A campaigner for serving better quality coffee, his mantra is that coffee should never leave a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth, which leads him to question why more top chefs don’t ensure that their establishment’s coffee offer isn’t up to the same standard as their food. "They should be instilling the same passion and care that they do in every plate in their coffee, after all coffee comes at the end of a meal and chefs should make sure customers don’t leave with a bad taste in their mouth after a great meal."

He continued: "Consumers have been spoiled by the good, independent coffee shops and all too often blame the coffee rather than the barista when they get a bad cup. But all too often it’s not – it’s about craftsmanship and taking things back to basics, not getting carried away with the latest machinery." He lists: a fresh product, clean machinery, great milk and awesome customer service as the key to success.

Sturk was a driving force in BaxterStorey’s coffee success story, which included lowering staff turnover to just 30%. "BaxterStorey had a great reputation in coffee and that in itself attracted the right people to come and work for us. People heard good things and wanted to work with us."

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