The Berry Company targets on-trade with premiumised soft drinks range

The Berry Company targets on-trade with premiumised soft drinks range

The Berry Company, the fast growing soft drinks supplier which is stocked in 35 countries, is to target the on-trade, including the coffee shop sector, after premiumising its range earlier this year.

The drinks range, which includes flavours such as Blueberry with Grape and Baobab, Cranberry with Red Grape and Rooibos, Goji Berry with Passionfruit and Turmeric and Superberries Purple with Blueberry and Guaraná, has been relaunched removing any added sugar.

Khaled Yafi, the company’s founder, told Beverage Business World this was in response to consumer demands.  

“We have been around for 12 years. When we were first conceived the marketplace and the aspirations from consumers as far as the products was distinctly different to what it was today. It was much more rooted in the exoticism of the fruits,” said Yafi.  

“There has developed a very obvious shift in the UK market and the broader European market afterwards towards sugar and calories.”  

He admitted that it was “almost obscolete”  to champion anything else other than no added sugar and natural products in the current climate.

The Berry Company range is already stocked in supermarkets including Waitrose, wholesalers,  as well as fine food retailers.

But Yafi said that the on trade including coffee shops, pubs and bars, was to become a priority for the company moving forward.

“The on trade is particularly interesting because of the importance that the discerning consumer places on the elixir and our fruits juices also make for good cocktail mixers,”  he said.

He added that he would be looking to push its Cranberry with Red Grape and Rooibos variant, and encourage restaurants and bars to “swap” its existing product. 

However, he admitted that the soft drinks market was challenging for suppliers.

“It is becoming an extremely competitive market because the barriers to entry are so low and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to launch a new products,” he said.

“Trends are changing almost every week from coconut water to Kombucha to CBD drinks. I think that is a challenge for everyone.”  

The range is sold in Tetrapacks and uses no plastics.

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