Sustainable cup made of meadow grass launches

Sustainable cup made of meadow grass launches

A new sustainable cup has launched which is biodegradable and made with grass.

The WEBAcup is described by wholesaler Weber Packaging, which sells and distributes the product worldwide, as the “most revolutionary cup available in the to-go sector today.”

The outer wall of the cup is produced with up to 40% grass. The inner wall of the cup cannot be made from paper with a grass share because it would be too weak to withstand the humidity of the coffee.

The interior of the cup is coated with a biodegradable polymer (PLA) coating, based on lactic acid. This means it is made of renewable raw materials (maize plants). The transparent coating is highly resistant to oil and fat and has a very good taste barrier and aroma barrier.

Weber Packaging said that further research and development is needed before a 100% liquid-impermeable cup with both paper layers made of grass paper can be produced.

Photo: Simon Keller for © INDberlin, 2018






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