Starbucks and Hubbub to unveil further campaigns following Gatwick recycling trial

Starbucks and Hubbub to unveil further campaigns following Gatwick recycling trial

Starbucks and Hubbub are expected to unveil further campaigns around the UK,  following the learnings from a recycling trial launched this week at Gatwick Airport. 

The trial aims to save 7,000 disposable coffee cups over the month at Gatwick Airport and change the culture of re-use. On the first day of the trial over 300 free reusable cups were given out to customers. 

Jaz Rabadia MBE, UK senior manager of energy and sustainability at Starbucks, said: “I spent yesterday with our store team at Gatwick Airport and was really excited to see how well the trial was received by passengers. In the first day, over 300 free reusable cups were given out to customers. If this kind of uptake continues, we’re hopeful that the trial could save over 7,000 paper cups this month.”

According to the founder and ceo of Hubbub,  Trewin Restorick, writing on his blog, the ambition behind the trial is to help create a new culture of reuse on-the-go and explore how customers respond to dropping their cups back off to be washed and used again. He also revealed that Hubbub and Starbucks will openly share the results from the trial as part of the continuing ambition to encourage a greater take-up of reusable cups.

"It will discover whether peoples’ concern about plastic waste can be translated into practical action if it is made easy and convenient. What is learnt will provide valuable insight into how to deploy a reusable trial in not only other airports but many other environments," he wrote.  

"In the coming months the partnership will announce further campaigns around the UK built from pioneering cultural research that is currently being undertaken."

The trial offers drop-off points for Starbucks reusable cups throughout the international airport’s South Terminal to help cut paper cup waste. 

Customers at the Starbucks store, which is operated in partnership with SSP, will have the option to borrow a free reusable cup for their drink instead of using a paper cup, which they can then drop off at one of five ‘Cup Check-In’ points throughout the airport before they board their flight. 

Over 5.3M of the seven million paper cups used at Gatwick each year are already being recycled.  

The cups will be collected by Gatwick’s waste management team to be washed and sterilised in line with the airport’s safety standards and returned to Starbucks ready for customer consumption. 

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