Star’s coffee offer delivers big savings to pubs

Star’s coffee offer delivers big savings to pubs

Star Pubs & Bars, owner of 2,900 leased pubs, is hoping to receive positive feedback from its estate over the next few weeks as it rolls out its new coffee offer, working with UCC for bean-to-cup and K-Fee for capsules.

Mark MacDonald national supplier manager at Star Pubs & Bars told Coffee Business World that the company’s Business Development Managers were ready to take the message to the pubs about Star’s new coffee proposition, which it has negotiated on behalf of the individual lessees and tenants running the pubs and will deliver 25% in savings on both the equipment and coffee.

Along with the equipment, Star’s deal includes maintenance and training and would concentrate on the basics – encouraging pubs to have a coffee offering that’s right for their business. Pubs within Star’s estate can range from gastro, food pubs to wet-led boozers.

“The requirements are different for the various elements of our estate. Some won’t want to spend £100s on a machine because they’re only serving 10 cups of coffee a day, and therefore don’t want the complexity of a barista-machine. However, we have the right solution for them. The K-Free capsules are perfect for this lower-end entry, as it’s a plug in and place machine with capsules costing around 26p per cup,” said MacDonald, who estimated that around 60% of pubs would be suited to bean-to-cup offering, with 40% more suited to capsules.

He added Star was planning to make capital investment in several pubs this year, which would see these sites becoming more food-led, and therefore perfect for an improved, barista-style coffee offering.


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