Speciality driving demand for clean decaff

Speciality driving demand for clean decaff

Consumer demand for cleaner, more sustainable products is bringing a slow change in the perception of decaffeinated coffee, Emmanuel Dias, Swiss Water vice president trading, Europe has told Beverage Business World.

Swiss Water's Emmanuel Dias talks to Beverage Business World about how consumer demand is driving change.

Swiss Water uses only water and coffee when decaffeinating its coffee and not a chemical process. The company uses small batches of the finest coffees it can source then uses water, temperature, and time, to selectively remove caffeine, while leaving the flavour and the character of the coffee untouched.

Dias said that the company is witnessing a ‘slow’ change as consumers and operators demand to know more about where their food and drink is sourced and processed. He also added that the growth in diets such as veganism is also influencing young people who want to know more about products and the impact of their consumption. “The only way to change perspective is to make people drink it. Don’t forget 70 to 80% remains decaffeinated with chemicals and it will take more time to change the perception,” he said. “In UK within the coffee shop industry you have, most of the time, a decaffeinated option. Most of the time this is a proper tasty option, made with a process such as Swiss Water. That is providing the consumer with a good experience. So it is changing.”

He said this was being driven, in part, by the speciality coffee market, but that this was now extending to larger companies. “You may not have consumer awareness yet. But it is happening because and operators want to offer something different and want to follow the trend,” he said.

The company recently opened a new European head office in Bordeaux, France. Dias said this move happened at the right time as two factories using the clean process for decaffeination – one in the US and one in Germany - closed leaving a gap in the market. Swiss Water has said that the European coffee market is currently outpacing the US in decaf coffee consumption.

The range of new processes such as Swiss Water, using only water and the Co2 method, which uses carbon dioxide to extract the caffeine, are gentler on the coffee and help to maintain the taste.

• Swiss Water will be exhibiting on stand R12 at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo on 19-20 May 2020.

• For more information on Swiss Water go to their website www.swisswater.com

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