Q&A with Marriott Hotels

Q&A with Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels is rolling out the rebranding of its cafes, from Starbucks to Paddy & Scott’s. Here Stevents Rojas at London Marriott Hotel Kensington explains why the relationship works.


What do you feel the Paddy & Scott’s offer brings to Marriott?

When people think about Marriott, they think of quality and service, nowadays they also think about experiences. With significant marketing activations around the globe we believed that we needed to bring something different to the London Marriott Hotel Kensington and that’s when Paddy & Scott’s jumped in; a great brand serving quality coffee, committed with the environment as much as we are and most importantly, bringing sexy black while pampering our guests.

Who is your target coffee shop customer?

At the hotel we host guests from all over the globe and they are now the customers of Paddy & Scott's. I have to say that the fuelling station at the London Marriott Hotel Kensington is also visited by those Londoners and tourists who pass by for a quick espresso or Paddy & Scott’s lovely flat whites.

Why is a great coffee and beverage offer important to Marriott?

I think the history of Paddy & Scott's and Marriott are a bit similar, two brands that started from the ground and through hard work and perseverance have achieved great customer loyalty.

Projects like the Kenyan Farm and the Barista Academy match some of our values and elevate the sense of the company for taking care of their associates. At Marriott we have one of the top loyalty programs, we understand how important that is for our guests and that’s why we want the best for them. Teaming up with Paddy & Scott’s will add value to the stay of our guests, having the chance to have your breakfast with a tasty Kenyan coffee is an experience that you can only have when you stay at the London Marriott Hotel Kensington. 


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