Product launches...

Product launches...

K-fee® capsules aims to capture the consumers’ mood                           

K-fee®’s Mr & Mrs Mill coffee capsule brand is highlighting the professional opportunities for great coffee from a capsule in hotel rooms, offices, health club and even a restaurant environment, with consumers able to order a coffee blend that suits their mood.

Under its catch-line, creating ‘inspirational moments of pleasure’, K-fee®’s Mr & Mrs Mill, from top roaster the Kruger Group, says it has developed a capsule that “ticks all the boxes professional users demand”.

“Hospitality is all about anticipating wishes from customers,” said Kruger UK’s sales manager Mike Ritchie. “But traditional coffee capsule brands mostly offer only technical guidance. With Mr & Mrs Mill, we want to inspire. We offer coffee capsules that are blended and designed to fit the mood you are actually in or attract explorers with interesting single origin coffees.”

One of the nine varieties is named ‘Trust your strength’, a strong espresso, while ‘Don’t rush it’ is a mild, balanced ‘lungo’ and ‘Discover Rwanda’ offers delicate floral notes.

“The exclusive brand draws attention, the classy packaging shows patrons and guests that they are highly valued and the taste is of course absolutely convincing,” said Ritchie.

All Mr & Mrs Mill capsules are UTZ certified and are part of the multi-beverage K-fee® capsule system with machines ranging from small models up to fully automatic makers capable of producing cappuccino and latte made from fresh milk.


The Natura Hot’n’Cold drinks machine wins an international award

The Natura Hot’n’Cold is the brand new, touchscreen operated, internet connected post-mix hot and cold drinks dispenser by BeviLaNatura that won a silver SCI Equipment Award in the Light Equipment category at Food&HotelAsia (FHA) in Singapore this April.

Described as a total drinks solution dispensing coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, juice, or chilled water all from one compact machine. Clean, quick, easy, no mess drinks delivery with no pesky coffee grounds in sight.

“With comprehensive telemetry, elegant, compact (measuring only 33W x 43D x 71H cm), low maintenance, high throughput, environmentally friendly, and simply brimming with Internet of Things technologies it’s easy to see why the judges were impressed,“ the company said.

The Natura Hot’n’Cold is the natural progression from the Natura OnTop, an aesthetically identical model which dispenses chilled drinks plus still and sparkling water. The BeviLaNatura system is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.


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