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Product Bulletin....

Dalston’s Soda Company launches new fruit variants

Dalston’s Soda Company has added two new fruit flavours to its core soda range as well as launching a new range of light sodas.

Both Fizzy Rhubarb and Fizzy Blackcurrant have been added to its core range of sodas. 

Its new range of Soda Lights is launched with Real Squeezed Elderflower and Real Squeezed Rhubarb. These are made with no added sugar or sweeteners and are only 20 calories a can.

All of the soda recipes at Dalston’s are developed in-house by former chef and founder Duncan O’Brien, and are made with British ingredients.


Paddy & Scott's launches coffee brew bags

Paddy & Scott's has launched coffee Brew Bags to the hospitality and hotel sector.

The bags, available in regular and decaf, are made from fully compostable bioweb and filled with a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee.

The bags, which operate like a tea bag, just need to be topped with boiled water and left to brew for three to four minutes.

Scott Russell, ceo of Paddy & Scott's, said: “We noticed a clear need for a coffee product that performs in the same way as a tea bag and we have created Brew Bags to meet that need. We're getting some great feedback from hoteliers who are pleased to be able to provide their guests with a quick and delicious coffee with no mess or waste that they can quickly brew in the comfort of their own room.”

Scott Russell, founder and ceo of Paddy & Scott’s is a member of the European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo's Steering Panel.


Colicci launches Red Velvet Latte for Valentine’s Day

Colicci, the artisan brand of cafés and kiosks, has revealed it is to introduce its new Red Velvet Latte for Valentine’s Day, available at its Italian Garden Café in Kensington Gardens.

Colicci works with small batch London roaster Notes that supplies its coffee while its non-homogenised milk is supplied by the Estate Dairy.


Coffee storage container company looks for European partner

Planetary Design is looking for European distribution partners for its Airscape coffee storage containers. Planetary Design said the innovative Airscape container features a patented inner lid that preserves the freshness and flavour of the coffee for far longer than other storage containers.

The company said it has collaborated on branded Airscape containers with coffee roasters and shops in the company’s home state of Montana to Starbucks in 4,000 stores across the US.


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