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Product Bulletin

Hardys first alcohol-free wine

A new alcohol-free Chardonnay has been launched by wine brand Hardysto appeal to the increasing demand for low or no alcohol alternatives.

The brand, owned by Accolade Wines, which has seen a 2.9% increase in sales (Nielsen 52 w/e 26.01.19), said it is broadening its offer in response to increasing demand for low or no alcohol alternatives that offer an “authentic, sophisticated wine experience”.

Hardys Alcohol Free Chardonnay has been de-alcoholised with a vacuum distillation process.

David White, marketing director at Accolade Wines, said: “The alcohol free wine category represents a growing £17m profit opportunity for the trade and Hardys Alcohol Free is perfect to help capitalise on this trend.

“It offers important wine cues, such as grape style and flavour notes, and strong consumer confidence in the Hardys brand will help to drive purchase on occasions when consumers might be seeking an alternative to alcohol.”


Gut loving tea powder taps into wellness trend

Wellness Lab has said it is revolutionising the tea industry with a “gut loving” plant powered, probiotic blend that can be added to drinks and food items.

The Probiotic Tea range offers a series of powder blends packed with gut loving cultures. The products are available in three flavours Matcha, Berry and Turmeric with each serving providing approximately one billion live cultures.

They are gluten free, dairy free and sugar free and do not contain preservatives. The products are proving popular with cafes and juice bars that are keen to benefit from the growing superfood latte trend.


Monin in NPD reduced sugar format

Monin, the flavoured syrup brand, has introduced Strawberry, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit, in new reduced sugar formats in its latest new product development.

The three products have an average of just three calories per 15ml and can reduce calories by up to 80 per drink. 

Monin said the new syrups are perfect for a range of cooling summer drinks including frappes, lemonades, Mojitos, Bellini’s, Daiquiris and G&Ts. 

Lee Hyde, beverage innovation manager at Monin UK, said: “The launch of Monin’s reduced sugar range is the next natural step for the brand as we continue to support our customers with innovation that reflects the current market trends.

“The new range allows drink development teams to create an inspiring menu which responds to consumer demand, whether it’s using popular summer flavour – Strawberry – or a more tropical option such as Passion Fruit.”

Monin’s Reduced Sugar syrups are free from artificial flavouring, suitable for vegans and allergen free.


Califia Farms celebrates milk alternatives

Califia Farms, the US specialists behind vegan ready-to-drink cold brew coffees and plant-based milks, is celebrating World Milk Day on 1 June by highlighting milk alternatives.

Its barista blend, which is stocked in London Grindvenues, is made from from nuts, seeds, fruits and roots.

Its products have 50% more calcium than milk, have no added sugar and are soy-free, gluten-free, kosher and vegan.

Based in California, the state responsible for 80% of the world’s supply of almonds, Califia Farms uses freshly ground blanched almonds instead of roasted almonds for its brand.

It said its Califia Farms Barista blend is a big hit with speciality baristas, thanks to its “stretch factor”, which creates better latte art.


Now its time for energy tea

Yusa, a mango and pineapple flavoured Amazonian energy tea, is to repackaged and relaunched to the UK market.

The energy drink, which is available in a 250ml can, is the UK’s first drink to use the Guayusa leaf, it said.  The drink is completely natural, containing only the plant, water and fruit.

Yusa said that it is low in sugar (less than 2.5grms per 100ml) and contains as much caffeine as one cup of coffee, and twice as many antioxidants as two cups of green tea.

Yusa also contains L-theanine, an amino acid responsible for increasing alpha brain wave activity, which promotes relaxation.



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