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Product Bulletin

Lincoln & York's 'Bags of Flavour'

Lincoln & York has expanded its coffee offering with the launch of ‘Bags of Flavour’, three coffee bag options available in a blend, single origin and a decaff.

‘Bags of Flavour’ bring a fresh and convenient solution to enjoying premium coffee on-the-go without hassle, said the company in its latest Blog announcing the move.

“Capturing the nostalgia of a tea bag, with all the characteristics such as speed and convenience, and opening up avenues for premium offerings in a variety of flavours, should create a trend worth trialling,” it said.

And in answer to the question, what makes Lincoln & York’s coffee bags better than instant, it responded: “Our beans are roasted, ground, packed and sealed, to lock in premium freshness and flavour. This results in our coffee bags being able to offer quality coffee in a convenient way – maximising the taste whilst minimising the hassle usually associated with a barista style coffee, ground coffee or coffee pods.”

The house blend collates the best of Brazil, India and Sumatra, for a full bodied, rich, dark chocolate taste with a moreish finish, it continued. “On top of that, we have our specialist single origin, Colombian blend providing a more fruitier and nutty taste. Finally, we have a decaffeinated blend which champions a silky smooth body with milk chocolate sweetness.”

The coffee bag can be personalised to include a company logo and are available in a selection of colours and finishes. All of the coffee bags are 7.5g and ordering options are flexible and include being able to bag up your own blend.

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Baci Perugina intensely ruby

Baci Perugina is the latest sweet treat to be wrapped in ruby chocolate, following the introduction of KitKat Ruby earlier this year.

The pink Baci Perugina Limited Edition is made with chocolate derived from ruby cocoa beans, which has an intense berry-fruitiness taste without the addition of any flavour or colour.

The traditional recipe with its soft gianduia filling and a crispy hazelnut in its centre now comes in a pink chocolate coating, creating a product with a unique taste.

The new Baci Perugina Limited Edition is part of Nestlé’s drive to set trends and use innovation to bring new, exciting products to consumers everywhere.

The Baci Perugina Limited Edition is already available in Italy and it will be soon on sale in the United Kingdom.

Ruby chocolate was created by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, which spent over a decade developing this innovative flavour. Nestlé was the first launch this fourth type of chocolate - after dark, milk and white - to consumers worldwide through KitKat.

Clipper Teas take-off with easyJet

Clipper Teas, the tea brand owned by Wessanen UK, has secured a three-year agreement with easyJet through airline caterers, Gategroup, reports Kam City (September 12).

The deal will see six of Clipper’s organic teas (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, Redbush and Pure Green) available to over 90-million easyJet passengers annually, starting from next month. The brands logo will appear in onboard menus and on the plastic-free, compostable cups the tea will be served in.

Rebecca Vercoe, Clipper Teas brand controller at Wessanen UK, commented: “Clipper has a strong heritage, commitment to ethical sourcing, and only uses the finest, natural ingredients to make a great tasting cup of tea. These qualities are standing out during the tender process and helping us to create new partnerships in the foodservice sector. EasyJet were looking for an ethical tea company that could deliver great tasting tea; a description that fits Clipper perfectly.

“We are thrilled to be supplying EasyJet and look forward to seeing Clipper’s Fairtrade tea served in the skies for the first time.”

SoCo Coffee Roasters for Australia's top end market

Coca-Cola Amatil is expanding its coffee offerings with the launch of a new premium product called SoCo for top coffee venues in Australia, writes Food&Drink Business (September, 14).

Designed to meet the exacting requirements of some of Australia's most sought-after coffee venues, SoCo Coffee Roasters is a bespoke new coffee proposition targeted exclusively at high-value, premium coffee venues.

Short for Society of Good Coffee, SoCo was developed and roasted by Grinders Coffee experts to occupy a completely unique brand position.

SoCo's launch will be supported by a separate service and delivery proposition, with the aim of meeting the expectations of the most fastidious café owner and coffee consumer.

US protein brand Koia launches fruit 'superfood' drink

US protein beverage brand Koia has launched a new product line that aims to integrate fruit with the benefits of a superfood in each variety, writes FoodBev Media (September, 17).

Called fruit infusions, the line is available in three flavours: chocolate banana, mango crème and strawberry crème.

Koia said the beverages are made with “wholesome ingredients” that “consumers can see and recognise to provide one of the cleanest, low-sugar protein options on the market”.

Launched in 2016 Koia has its products on sale in more than 3,000 stores across the US.

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