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Product Bulletin....

UCC launches seasonal Grand Crü

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland has launched its seasonal Grand Crü coffee - Composition No.5.

Ronan Sayburn, master sommelier, has collaborated with Gayan Munaweera, UCC Coffee’s head of coffee quality and Q grader to source the coffee.

Composition No.5 is described as a "unique and delicate blend" of Colombian Excelso Yacuanaquer, Indian PB Yagachi Reserve, and Ethiopian Guji. UCC said that each component boasts an industry recognised SCAA International Quality Score of over 80, giving the blend an "incredible flavour" worthy of the Grand Crü name.  

Gayan Munaweera, head of coffee quality and Q grader, said: “For our fifth seasonal Grand Cru blend, we’re taking drinkers as far as the Yagachi Reserve in India. A great, if sometimes overlooked coffee destination that has blended perfectly with our Colombian and Ethiopian beans to deliver this delicious cup. It carries sumptuous flavours of caramelised pineapple and brown sugar, with a warming maple syrup sweetness.”


rCUP launches to coffee sector

The rCUP, the reusable coffee cup made from recycled paper cups, is launching to the coffee sector. 

The product is the latest addition from ashortwalk, the Cornwall-based business, set up by a former inventor and designer at Dyson in 2003.

It claims the product is leak proof, lasts 10 years and is 100% recyclable. Every rCUP is made from six used cups.

It is also currently working with a number of UK coffee and recycling partners including Simply Cups, to collect used paper cup waste. rCUP has been awarded the Which? ‘Best Buy’ endorsement.


Halo launches compostable packaging and new coffees

Halo has launched its compostable packaging and new range of coffees to the out of home sector.

Halo said it has used state of the art packaging that hasn’t been seen on the market before.  The oxygen barrier wrap that keeps the coffee fresh – one of the most difficult elements with a fresh coffee in a capsule - is home compostable along with the Halo box, inserts and sticky label.

Halo is made from a 100% natural blend of sugar cane and pulp paper that can be thrown in the compost when it’s finished. It said that each capsule will break down, depending on the atmospheric conditions, in approximately four weeks. 

Halo has added to its signature Three Mountain blend with Pacamara, a rare single origin from Colombia; Halo Minus, its first decaffeinated, naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia and Daterra Moonlight, a sweet and creamy Brazilian coffee. Halo has also partnered with the UK’s leading speciality coffee roaster, Masterroast where the coffee is roasted in one of the most energy efficient roasters in the world and ground in their state-of-the-art roller grinder.


Colonna launches bartender range

Colonna the coffee pod supplier, has launched a range of capsules for bartenders.

The Bartender Series offers three single origin coffees designed for mixologists in flavour camps of earth, fruit and sweet.

The Bartender Series has been created by award-winning author and bar owner Tristan Stephenson, alongside Barista Champion, Maxwell Colonna Dashwood.

Colonna Earth is sourced from Indonesia, and is herbal and sweet with a mild spice. Colonna Sweet is sourced from Piripitinga, which is a small farm in southern Brazil, and has notes of caramel, pecan and chocolate. The Fruit is sourced from Ethiopia where the beans are handpicked and left to sun dry with their cherries still intact.


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