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Product Bulletin

Good & Proper Iced Tea launch

Good & Proper Tea is out to challenge Lipton’s dominance of the iced tea market in the UK with its brand new range of Iced Teas - a new, sugar-free alternative to the big players’ offering.

The ready-to-drink iced tea sector in the UK has seen growth of over 12% in the last 12 months, with Unilever-owned Lipton’s holding 80% of the market with just one of its lead products, Ice Tea Peach. With Ice Tea Peach containing the equivalent of 6.6 teaspoons of sugar per 500ml, Good & Proper says it’s ready to challenge Lipton’s ‘dominant’ position with its new, sugar-free iced tea.

The company says its new tea bag range of iced teas combines ‘nothing but the best tea leaves’ along with ‘completely natural dried fruit and herbs, all housed inside 100% compostable tea bags to ‘make a glass of delicious, refreshing and sugar-free iced tea quick and simple to prepare’.

Good & Proper Tea’s Iced Tea range has three flavours, Iced Hibiscus Tea with Rose Hip and Ginger, Iced Rooibos Tea with Orange, and Iced Green Tea with Lemon Balm. Each is designed to be hot-brewed then topped up with ice for convenience.

  • Next week in Coffee Business World – Good & Proper Tea in the Big Interview.
  • Josh Mordecai, head of operations at Good and Proper Tea Co, is a member of the European Coffee Expo 2019 Steering Panel.

Teapigs ready with plastic-free tips

With July the month for individuals and company to take part in the plastic-free challenge, Teapigs is ready with top tips as we approach the half-way stage for anyone attempting to live without single use plastic this month.

Coffee Business World has gone for the softer challenge by attempting BRITA two-days this week – check out our Tweets on @CoffeeBizWorld and @CoffeeKate2 (#BRITAPRO #mcsuk #swapforgood).

Teapigs, which has a ‘big plastic clear out’ last month, as it attempts to make its office as plastic-free as possible suggests:

  • Take a packed-lunch, complete with bread from the bakery and home-made hummus
  • Ditch single-serve sachets and opt for communual jars of cereal in the office
  • Order delivery of milk in glass bottles, thanks to MilkandMore
  • Banish cling film in favour of reuseable lids and beeswax paper
  • Introduce a pen amnesty – most offices and homes have thousands of pens, so Teapigs has deleted pens from its stationery order!

Teapigs is exhibiting on stand G32 at European Coffee Expo 2019. For more information on European Coffee Expo 2019 click here.


Purdey's meets energy needs

Energy brand Purdey’s is repositioning itself from ‘multivitamin fruit drink’ to ‘multivitamin energy’ to take advantage of the growing demand for healthier energy drinks and drive sales for stockists this summer, it says.

Britvic GB’s marketing director Kevin McNair said: “Energy is already the No1 segment within immediate refreshment, worth £464m in value and 54% bigger than cola, and the need for energy in soft drinks is important and continuing to grow. However, consumers are moving away from traditional soft drinks and opting for other soft drinks, like Purdey’s, to meet their energy needs.”

Purdey’s will be running an outdoor campaign including six-sheet advertising until September across major cities, including London, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham.

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