Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin

TEAPY® T-4-1™infusions

MarJoe’s Artisan Tea Shop opts for TEAPY® T-4-1™ to serve its range of over 20 seasonally changing loose leaf tea and infusions.

Tea and coffee specialist and owner of MarJoe’s in Bramhall, Cheshire, Lawrence Turner said: “The infuser is perfect for loose leaf teas, including green tea, white teas and our infusions/fruit/herbals. More importantly, our customers love the novelty and effectiveness of TEAPY® T-4-1™, which provides a visual and interesting way of consuming their drinks.”

He added it was also used for hot chocolate.

Fentimans to ban single-use plastic

Fentimans, makers of botanically brewed beverages, has committed to eliminating single-use and non-recyclable plastic from core business operations and is set to adopt the guidelines set out by WRAP in the collaborative UK Plastics Pact.

Marketing director Andrew Jackson said: “As a manufacturer which has swam against the tide of conformity, adopting glass bottles for our drinks when the world turned to PET, we are delighted to announce that we are committed to removing single-use plastic from our business.

“We know that this is an issue that our customers, consumers and employees are passionate about and we are determined to make a positive difference in supporting innovative alternatives.”

Coffee cups take note!

Coffee Notes is taking cup recycling to a new level by launching notebooks made of disposable coffee cups and recycled paper.

Jon Formon and Rob Martin at EpicPrint are behind the project, which involves a recycling process to remove the plastic cup element, after which the pulp is mixed with other recycled and pulped paper to create the notebooks, which are 40% coffee cup and 60% recycled paper.

Coffee Notes are available in 130gsm paper and 380gsm board and come in 10 colours and comes in a range of 10 designs.

The company's website will be launched later this month. Jon Formon can be contacted by email.





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