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Product Bulletin

Bottleshot launched by three 'cold brew loving' women

Annie Mitchell and a team of three ‘cold brew loving’ women has launched Bottleshot, a cold brew recipe inspired by the original drinks from New Orleans.

It is already being stocked by its ‘launch partner”, Soho House, which has made it available in all of its UK locations.

Bottleshot, explained Annie Mitchell, is unlike hot coffees, it’s not heat-treated while it’s brewed, but steeped in cold water for 18-hours, with a dash of chicory to make a stronger, smoother drink.

Available currently in Black, with an Oat Milk variety coming soon, Bottleshot is made from 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica beans. It is sold in cans, which are fully recyclable.


Costa creates pods for customers to enjoy its coffee at home

Costa is making its Nespresso compatible pods available on line, to allow customers to ‘sip a cup from Costa, without even leaving the house’.

The Nespresso compatible pods come in three blends: Mocha Italia, rich Columbian espresso or strong Brazilian Ristretto. All are available to buy online with free delivery when spending over £50.


CBD soft drink available from Deliveroo

Botanic Lab’s Dutch Courage, the UK’s first CBD soft drink, has partnered with delivery firm Deliveroo in a move to make the brand ‘available on demand’.

Botanic Lab founder and CEO Rebekah Hall said: “Last year we launched a ground-breaking drink incorporating one of the most talked about and culturally significant ingredients of all time – the UK’s first CBD drink Dutch Courage. Today, Deliveroo will innovate in the market once again creating the first CBD On Demand service, delivering our industry shaping drink to the consumer in under 45-minutes.”

Tom Peters, director of health at Deliveroo, added: “At Deliveroo, innovation is at our core and we are constantly looking for ways of bringing new, exciting and healthier brands in the food and drink industry to our customers. We’re excited to partner with the pioneering team at Botanic Lab and launch a ‘CBD On Demand’ service.”


MONIN launches flavour for autumn

MONIN, the flavoured syrups specialist, has launched ‘Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear’ for the autumn harvest, taking MONIN portfolio to 240 product lines.

Described as the ‘perfect addition’ to the back bar this season, Lee Hyde, MONIN UK’s beverage innovation manager, said: “Variety remains key, but quality and seasonality are also becoming increasingly important. In addition, consumers are seeking an overall experience and a point-of-difference, expecting their drink to be more than a hydration option or a compromise.”

Available now Le Fruit de MONIN Williams Pear is free from artificial flavourings and colourings, is suitable for vegans and is gluten and allergen free. With an ambient shelf life of up to one month after opening and up to 24 months unopened.


Bravilor Bonamat extends range

Bravilor Bonamat is expanding its range of professional hot water equipment.

This summer, two new containers join the range, the HWA 8 and HWA 12. These kettles can be connected to a fixed water supply, but can also be filled with water manually. The containers are ideal for temporary locations or events. Connoisseurs know that the right water temperature is essential for a nice cup of tea. These containers can be set to the exact temperature, between 45ºC and 95ºC.

Earlier this year, Bravilor Bonamat launched five, other new HWA machines, developed to meet the current needs of the customer. The 6D and 14D models feature dosing buttons that automatically fill each cup making them ideal for busy hospitality businesses. The models with a free-flow tap are for manual use and fill each cup, mug, or decanter quickly with the desired amount of hot water. The automatic refill system ensures that hot water is always immediately available.

This new HWA  8 and 12 models complete the ‘hot water’ range, to allow Bravilor Bonamat to offer a ‘suitable solution for every situation’.




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