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Product Bulletin

Starbucks launches Christmas drinks line-up

Starbucks has launched its new Christmas drinks range to celebrate the festive period.

The new Christmas drinks line-up boasts a range of new as well as returning favourites. Brand new drinks this year include the Christmas Brulee Latte, Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate, and a Flat White with Cinnamon Spice. Returning to the festive line up is the classic Gingerbread Latte and Toffee Nut Latte. There is also the Gingerbread Coffee Frappuccino, Gingerbread Cream Frappuccino, Salted Caramel Brownie Cream Frappuccino, Toffee Nut Latte Cream Frappuccino, Toffee Nut Latte Coffee Frappuccino.

McDonald’s to launch Millionaire’s Latte

McDonald’s UK is launching a new limited edition Millionaire’s Latte for the festive season.

The luxury drink comprises of a large shot of espresso blended with steamed milk, a caramel biscuit flavour syrup, topped with a swirl of chocolate cream and a caramel drizzle.

The latte priced at £1.99/£2.29 RRP for medium and large respectively.

McDonald’s will also launch a new range of cups that will feature reindeers in a geometric-style, beautifully-designed set-of-three cups. These are designed as part of McDonald’s #ReindeerReady campaign – getting customers across the country into the Christmas spirit.

Nescafe Azera launches limited edition designs

Nestle has launched its first two designs in the Nescafe Azera By Design range. The designs, were created by design students from the University of Creative Arts.

Dan Balnave, category manager at Nestlé Professional said: “Since launching the world’s first instant coffee in 1938, Nescafe has always remained at the forefront of innovation.   At Nestlé Professional we not only strive to make products better, but to find ways of sparking creativity amongst our customers too.”

Clipper Tea goes plastic-free

Clipper Tea has gone plastic-free, unbleached and non GM (genetically modified) for its tea bags.

The tea bags are made using a blend of abaca, which is a species of banana, and a biopolymer made from a non-GM plant material known as PLA (polylactic acid).The new bags will also be biodegradable and compostable to industrial standards, making them more eco-friendly.


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