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Product Bulletin....

Dualit new CaféPro Capsule Machine to be launched

The Dualit CaféPro Capsule Machine is to be launched in October as a solution for small cafés, boutique hotels and pubs.

The freestanding unit is compatible with both Dualit’s range of NX Coffee capsules and Fine Tea capsules as well as Nespresso.

It said the ease of use is the key highlight of the Dualit CaféPro Capsule Machine, which features a digital display and touch button operation. Thanks to auto dosing, the machine will extract the perfect amount of espresso or lungo and users can also choose to adjust the temperature and volume settings if required. 

To keep the machine running efficiently, the digital display will count how many capsules have been used and following 1500 extractions will prompt the user to descale the unit. 

Other features include a large 2.7L water tank, a separate 1.2L steam boiler, thermobloc heating elements for each brewhead, two capsule baskets which will hold 30 capsules each and two, 2L removable drip trays with drain valves. 


Costa Coffee launches “Bonfire” range

Costa Coffee has launched a new Bonfire Spiced range for the autumnal months.

The range has three variants within the new flavour range, which is made with rich caramel toffee and toasted spices.

The three drinks include the Bonfire Spiced Latte, the Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate and the Bonfire Spiced Cold Brew.  

Gennaro Pelliccia, master of Coffee at Costa said: After the scorching summer we’ve had, we’re ready to welcome autumn and all the flavours it brings. Costa Coffee is getting into the seasonal spirit with the delectably smoky new Bonfire Spiced Range which includes three new drinks to celebrate all things autumn.”


Harrogate Spring launches new recyclable bottles

Harrogate Spring has launched new bottles for its water range which, it says, uses the highest percentage of recycled plastic of any water producer.

The bottles are now made using more than 50 per cent rPET, which has a slight blue tinge and can be recycled.

Brand manager Nicky Cain said:“PET bottles are already the greenest packaging option for bottled water when compared with alternative packaging materials, using less carbon and producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The use of more than 50 percent rPET is even better for the environment, helping towards achieving a fully sustainable circular economy."

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