Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin

Healthy energy drink with Baobab launches

Unrooted, the healthy energy drink made with Baobab, has launched with three variants, that offer high fibre, natural alternative to sugary, caffeine energy drinks.  

The three variants Baobab & mango, Baobab & pomegranate and Baobab & gingereach contain 10 grams of active baobab that is then blended with all-natural ingredients.

Nathan Clemes, Founder of Unrooted said: “Our natural energy drink offers retailers a premium and healthy alternative to sugary/caffeine loaded drinks that are slowly going out of fashion. We look forward to securing further business relationships going forward and seeing our product on shelves  up and down the country.”

Baobab fruit comes from the African Baobab tree, known locally as the ‘Tree of life’, which is packed will prebiotic fibre and vitamin C. It is available from Marigold Wholesalers. 


Italian Beverage Company launches Simply Birthday Cake Syrup

The Italian Beverage Company’s (IBC) new Simply Birthday Cake Syrup can add a fun element to drinks menus.

The syrup captures the flavour of traditional birthday cake and can be used in frappes and shakes as well as hot beverages such as lattes and hot chocolates.  

“As well as the classic syrup flavours which are a back-bar staple, every menu benefits from a surprise element because it helps keep customers engaged,” explained Ricky Flax, general manager, IBC. 

The Italian Beverage Company offers a comprehensive range of flavoured Simply Syrups, from the classic Caramel, Hazelnut, and Gingerbread to more unusual and creative flavours such as Candy Floss, Cupcake and Hot Cross Bun, great for seasonal recipes. Sugar free and organic options are also on offer, with all syrups suitable for vegans.


Coca-Cola enters the energy drink market

Coca-Cola Great Britain is to enter the energy drinks market with the launch of Coca-Cola Energy, the first energy drink released under the Coca-Cola brand.

Coca-Cola Energy features caffeine from naturally-derived sources, guarana extracts and B vitamins. 

It will be available in 250ml cans and in two variants - with and without sugar  - and will launch in the UK from late April.

Jon Woods, general manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland said: “Our strategy is to offer people a wide range of drinks to meet different lifestyles and occasions and Coca-Cola Energy is the latest example of that. We’re launching Coca-Cola Energy with and without sugar and we’ll continue to expand and diversify our range of products to offer British consumers a wider choice of drinks.”

New self-service concept launches in Ready, Steady and Go

The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner, the self-service concept, will go into production with three equipment versions in “Ready”, “Steady” and “Go”. 

The system only needs one square meter of space and can be set up either in the shop itself or in a weatherproof location without additional staff requirements. With the “Ready” version, customers get the technical centrepiece of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner, the Coffee Engine, and can design it according to their wishes.

The “Steady” version also offers a high degree of design freedom, but includes other accessories such as a fridge, waste water tank and cup dispenser while the “Go!” version, gives a completely equipped Premium Coffee Corner which can be used right away.

“Being able to dispense different products from self-service machines, from sweet snacks to sandwiches and even coffee, is expected by many consumers. The quality of the products plays an important role here, but especially when it comes to coffee, the taste often does not live up to expectations," said Hansjürg Marti, director sales and services Schaerer Switzerland.

Eden Springs launches new Storm water dispenser

Eden Springs, the water and coffee supplier, has unveiled its new floor standing, bottom-load water dispenser called the ‘Storm’.  It has been designed so that water bottles can slide into the base of the cooler, thus eliminating the need to lift heavy bottles.

It features an easy to remove reservoir system and LED indicator which signals when the bottle needs to be changed. 

Brian Macpherson, managing director at Eden Springs, said:“With studies showing that only 10% of employees drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water a day, and with a drop in hydration of just 1 to 2% reducing cognitive performance by 10%, providing a bottled water cooler is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote hydration and employee wellbeing.”




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