Organic feature for a green coffee roaster

Organic feature for a green coffee roaster

One of Portland, Oregan’s most highly regarded roasters of speciality coffee, is displaying its green credentials in the most customer-friendly way at its new West Side cafe with a green living wall.

With coffee shops always looking to create theatre within their stores, Coava Coffee has made a literal interpretation of its organic brand with the living artwork attracting and engaging customers enjoying their coffee in the café’s upper seating area.

“We are not just selling top-tier speciality coffee. We are offering hospitality, creating a welcoming ambiance, where our customers feel like friends invited to hang out in our cafes,” said Matt Higgins, founder and president of Coava Coffee Roasters.

“I had seen green walls in large spaces and that got me thinking about featuring a green wall as a unique living work of art our customers can experience as they savour a great cup of coffee.”

Higgins added: “Coava travels the world in pursuit of coffees with the highest quality and we are committed to sustainable farming practices, fairtrade and enduring partnerships with coffee producers. Our green wall is an organic feature for an organic brand.”

The six-foot high vertical garden spans 17 feet along the back wall of the café’s upstairs seating area and features plants arranged in a distinctive pattern.

Dave MacKenzie, president of LiveWall which worked with Coava, said: “In retail environments, living walls make interior spaces more appealing and relaxing.”




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