Old favourite Mazawattee Tea enjoys rebirth

Old favourite Mazawattee Tea enjoys rebirth

One of history’s most famous brands of tea, Mazawattee, is being resurrected by Krishna Radia and his team, who have bought the name and launched a core range of four teas.

“Mazawattee is an old British brand of tea and was one of the most famous names in tea with a strong story of tradition and history in the late 1800s and early 1900s,” said Mazawattee Tea’s Krishna Radia, who with his family acquired the brand name in 2017.

“We’ve invested in getting the flavours right, to bring back quality teas with a strong heritage to consumers under the Mazawattee Tea brand,” said Radia. “We are in love with tea and love the history of tea within this country, and we’ve delivered a modern twist to a traditional brand, bringing the flavours and range up-to-date for today’s market.”

Mazawattee Tea first began in 1850 when chemist John Boon Densham started selling loose teas from India and China. Tea was highly regarded at the time for its ‘restorative benefits’ and found fame among Victorian tea drinkers as ‘the cup that cheers, but does not inebriate’.

In 1898 it claimed to be the ‘largest tea company in the world’ and was one of the first companies to use marketing and advertising to heavily promote the brand; advertising signs were seen on ‘nearly every railway platform and bus across the country’. But production ceased during World World II and over the following years, the brand disappeared into obscurity.

Descendants of the Densham family have been in touch with the team to give their full support in the brand’s revival. “People are really happy to see what we’re doing with the brand and offer their support. Many elderly people remember it from their youth and are delighted to see it again,” said Radia.

Like Mazawattee of old, which promoted its health benefits, Radia explained that the current range of four core flavours (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green, and Every Day Tea) would be joined by more unique and herbal flavours later this year.

Mazawattee Tea collaborates with Fairtrade growers and the Rainforest Alliance and sources from India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, China and Indonesia. Its pyramid tea bags are biodegradable and the tea is blended and packed in the UK. It is available online via the company website. Radia is currently in talks with wholesalers, cafes and stores.




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