MONIN’s Bar Barista Challenge

MONIN’s Bar Barista Challenge

Baristas and bartenders joined forces to create an innovative and new coffee-based cocktail at the MONIN Bar Barista Challenge on Monday, March 12.

The baristas – Anthony Khouri from The Gentlemen Baristas, Sam Trevelthyen head of coffee development at Grind, and Ben Ford head of coffee at Farm Girl Café – were teamed up with three bartenders and given half an hour to create an innovative cocktail using three main ingredients: coffee, rum and Monin flavoured syrups.

Three judges, including Coffee Business World’s editor Kate Oppenheim, were then asked to choose the best, based upon presentation, nose, taste and creativity at the event, held at the MONIN Creative Studio in Hoxton Square, London.

After careful deliberation, judges voted the winning team as Grind’s Sam and Matt Reynolds from Edwardian Hotels, who literally lit up the room with their twist on a Mai Tai.

Sam used an Aeropress to infuse coffee flavours into the rum, using a courser grind and higher ratios of coffee to liquid at 120g of coffee per litre of rum. “The coffee, from Kenya and packed with blueberries and purple fruit flavours, blends well with the rum and we added MONIN’s sugar syrups for sweetness and to bring out the flavours of the Caribbean, from Falernum and Caribbean syrups, and orange curacao for fruitiness and sour notes,” Sam explained.

  • MONIN is a family owned business founded in France by Georges Monin over 100 years ago. MONIN is the UK’s leading supplier of high quality syrups and is available in more than 150 flavours for speciality coffees, cocktails and more. MONIN has become the brand of choice for baristas and bartenders worldwide, available in 150 countries, serving up more than eight million drinks per day.
  • MONIN UK’s brand range consists of premium syrups, liqueurs, gourmet sauces, fruit smoothies, fruit mixes, concentrates and frappe powders. New concepts are aimed at tapping into different categories and applications. 


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