Millennials are the most demanding consumers

Millennials are the most demanding consumers

Millennials are the most demanding consumers and operators need to offer them something different than traditional tea.

That was one of the issues discussed on a panel at the Tea Workshop Theatre at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo called ‘Introducing the millennial tea taking occasion’ with Karin Fan, manager at Maitrie Choux, Denisa Giuroiu, operations manager at Dukes Hotel and Chris Ouzounian, co-founder of Nazani Tea.

Ouzounian said that millennials expected a unique product that they cannot get at home.

“Millennials are the most demanding consumer you will ever find. Some just take photos and that is where it stops, but some of them want to know the in and outs of your product. Make sure you can offer that,"he said. 

While quality is paramount to millennials they also need an experience and something to connect with.

“They expect that unique product they cannot get elsewhere and cannot replicate at home. They expect a story about where does it come from?” he said.

“When things are getting more expensive and real wages are going down, people want, especially millennials, to justify their spend.”

He added that, while coffee will get a client in for that first drink, offering hydrating, energising, calming drinks with health benefits will keep them staying longer.

However, he issued a note of warning not to alienate the traditional tea drinker.

“The more traditional tea drinker will want their earl grey and English breakfast on the menu,” he said.

Fan from Maitre Choux said that the chain uses social media such as instagram to attract new customers, especially millennials. They share images of the drink, food and stores to engage with them.

“We interact with them in comment sections.  Our instagram is quite colourful and we use pictures to draw people in from all around the world to visit us,”  she said. 

Giuroiu, who works at the Dukes Hotel, has engaged younger consumers with its new afternoon tea offer, which now offers with martinis. While the classic afternoon tea has remained popular, the martini afternoon tea “is more preferred by millennials”,  she said.


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