Matcha tea gives green light to greater profits

Matcha tea gives green light to greater profits

Teapigs is putting the spotlight on its fastest growing tea by lowering prices to encourage coffee shops and cafés to give matcha a go.

Matcha sales are up 7%, with 45% of tea drinkers drinking more matcha than this time last year, reported the latest Tetley Tea Report.

“A younger demographic is certainly celebrating the wonder of matcha, especially thanks to its eye-catching nature on social media,” said Andy Byron, Teapigs’ trade communications and sales executive. He added a recent HGEM study reported that 60% of millennials fall in love with a brand through Instagram. With matcha’s bright green properties, it was only going to get more popular, he said.

Byron added that with matcha costing about 20p per serving and matcha lattes retailing at £3-£3.50 on most menus, it could be “the highest margin tea on your menu”.

Louise Cheadle co-founder and tea taster at Teapigs said: “The popularity of matcha and matcha lattes being purchased on the high street is off the scale. It takes a couple of minutes to make a latte and customers are asking for them more and more. We’ve used real ingredients that are full of flavour, so you don’t need sweeteners – you can just add milk (our favourite is brown rice or almond milk because they have a natural sweetness).”

Teapigs claims to have been the first company in the UK to launch a ready-to-drink matcha, which has been drunk in Japan for centuries. “When we launched it in the UK [in 2014] it was relatively unknown. It’s now our fastest growing tea,” said Cheadle.


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