More news from European Coffee Expo…

More news from European Coffee Expo…

Urban Culture launches coffee tricycles

Urban Culture showcased its tricycle, which can help operators increase footfall and extend trading areas outside the shop.

The ready-to-go coffee trikes are compact and manoeuvrable with the benefit of having zero carbon emissions, the company said.

Mike Wheelhouse, director at Urban Culture, described the model as a “showstopper”.

“It is a British-made product,” he said. “It is great to catch footfall on the high street and it allows you to extend the trading space and deal with queues.”

The group also works with Fracino, a coffee equipment supplier, in order to promote both the British products.

Matthew Algie partners with Minor Figures

Matthew Algie has partnered with Minor Figures, the Nitro cold brew coffee supplier, to launch a ready- to-drink product range. These include cold brew Black, Mocha and Latte - all made with Oat Milk, the dairy-free, vegan-friendly alternative.

Ken Love, national account manager at Matthew Algie, said: “Cafes, delis and more progressive food-led bars in the artisan area are really embracing non-dairy."



Adventurous flavours from House of Sarunds

Dome shaped chocolates from Visser called Picasso were on display at the House of Sarunds stand at the European Coffee Expo.

The range, which is described as being “adventurous with flavours” by managing director of House of Sarunds Peter Martin, boasts variants such as Hazlenut and Maple Syrup, Espresso Caramel and Baileys, and Picasso Goji Berry and Yogurt.

The company, which distributes over 400 different types of chocolates, said it is the largest supplier of quality confectionery outside the supermarket sector.

The company has also commissioned a chocolate based on the royal wedding called a Lemon and Elderflower Ganache.

Grumpy Mule showcases use of Chemex

Grumpy Mule, the coffee brand owned by Bewley’s, showcased the use of Chemex (pictured left) at  European Coffee Expo.

The slow-brew coffee-maker and filter is growing in popularity as it provides a theatre serve for the operator.

Lara Hunter-Rodwell, training manager at Bewley’s said: “You want a fairly course grind and you need to use water of between 92°C to 96°C. The key is not to use boiling water as it will burn the coffee.”


New North nitro coffee showcases at Expo

New North, the nitro coffee, has already signed a deal with Ocado for distribution, is available in Selfridges and a range of coffee shops.

The start-up, which was launched by managing director Christopher Beach, provides a healthier alternative to traditional energy and grab and go coffee drinks.

“At the moment these people are just buying energy drinks that are full of sugar and chemicals,” said Beach.

Each can of the drink has a widget, which froths the coffee up and makes it “creamy with a more full bodied texture,” he said.

The brand is set to launch two new variants during the Summer which will be flavoured and sweeter.

Collapsible, reusable Pokito cup sees sales rise

Pokito, the pocket-sized collapsible, reusable cup, has seen sales soar as retailers look for alternatives to non-recyclable paper coffee cups.

Andrew Brooks, managing director of Pocket Enterprises, launched the business on funding platform Kickstarter in November 2016, to produce the cups, which retail at £15 each.

“We had an ambition to raise £12,000 and we shot through that in 48-hours and ended up going through £100,000,” he said.

The cup, which collapses flat, is easy to fit in a bag for everyday use and has been selling all over the world, not in just the UK. The product is made in Teeside, UK.

Birchall's East African tea is going strong

Birchall, the east African tea supplier, says it products offer a stronger flavour than more traditional teas.

The brand is not available in supermarkets but sold direct to the trade.

Will Davenport, business development executive, told Coffee Business World at European Coffee Expo that the tea is “gutsy” and offers a strong taste.

“The tea bushes are fresher, they are grown at a higher altitude and the bushes are younger.”

Brakspear – it's 'crucial' to find the right partner

Brakspear, the brewer and pub operator, said it was essential to find the "right" coffee partner to fit with the business. 

Speaking at the European Coffee Expo Conference, sponsored by WMF & Schaerer, Sue Williams, head of people at Brakspear, said that choosing a company to partner was a “crucial step” in delivering success. Its decision to partner with Paddy & Scott’s led to a 44% increase in coffee sales after only nine months.

Williams said: “The coffee obviously had to be good but this was a long-term relationship we were looking to build. We wanted to partner with a company that shared our family feel, understood our culture and would want to share in our growth and success.”

She said that the attraction in partnering with Paddy & Scott’s was that they were about “having fun” and roasting coffee that they wanted to drink.







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