Just Bee Drinks launches 350K fundraising to enter coffee shop market

Just Bee Drinks launches 350K fundraising to enter coffee shop market

Just Bee Drinks, the flavoured water brand, is looking to raise more than £350k to target the coffee and wider foodservice sectors in 2019.

The soft drink, which is made from natural ingredients and uses honey as a sweetener, was launched in 2015 by Joe Harper and Andy Sugden.

“I think that as consumers have woken up over the last few years to the sugar thing, more and more of them are now understanding artificial sweeteners and favours are in water drinks. We think there is an opportunity in plugging the gap for the consumer that wants healthier and natural drinks,” Harper told Coffee Business World.

“We are starting to focus on foodservice and coffee shops because we think we have a drink that is a bit different. We have a mission to save the bees. We send outlets that are stocking our drinks a box of the flower seeds to put by the till.”

He admits that since setting up the company in 2015 it has focused on high street and retail outlets with stockings in Boots, Waitrose, Co-op and WH Smith.

Just Bee is available in 500ml PET bottle variants: Lemon & Lime, Orange & Mango and Summer Berries.

Harper revealed that this year it would be looking into new flavours, a carbonated range and a possible glass bottle to focus on the pub and restaurant sector.

The company successfully raised seed funding after appearing on Dragons’ Den in 2017. But they turned down an offer from Peter Jones for a 25% share of the company. 

Just Bee Drinks was founded by a family of beekeepers and has a mission to Save the Bees, pledging to plant a bee-friendly flower for every bottle they sell. To date, they have helped plant over five million flowers across the UK.


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