BeviLaNatura's Hot'n'Cold comes to European Coffee Expo

BeviLaNatura's Hot'n'Cold comes to European Coffee Expo

Hot coffee, iced tea, juice or chilled water. It’s all available in one ‘small, ground-breaking’ machine, courtesy of BeviLaNatura’s latest and award-winning ‘Hot’n’Cold’ machine.

Perfect for hotels, offices, canteens and anywhere looking for a self-serve ‘total drinks solution’, BeviLaNatura's Hot'n'Cold will be be showcased at European Coffee Expo next May, revealing the new hot and cold options on each of the three dispensers, which come with an interactive touchscreen and full telemetry – meaning operators can check and resolve any problems remotely.

“The Natura Hot’n’Cold truly is a total drinks solution dispensing coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, juice, or chilled water all from one compact machine. Clean, quick, easy, no mess drinks delivery with no pesky coffee grounds in sight”. It was also a winner of the coveted SCI Equipment Award in Singapore this year, where experts judged entries on sustainability, cost savings and innovation.

It’s currently being trialled in a telecoms office environment with 2,000+ employees.

Highlights of the Hot’n’Cold include:

  • Comprehensive telemetry – including data on pressure, temperature, diagnostics and problem resolution
  • Elegant and compact, measuring only 33Wx43Dx71H cm
  • Low maintenance
  • High throughput
  • Environmentally friendly – no single-use plastics!
  • It can be configured to accept mobile-app-enabled payment (pay-by-phone)
  • And the touchscreen can even be used to display bespoke videos and advertising

Director Gemma Tuxford told Coffee Business World: “It offers total flexibility, without any waste or mess. The brick-size bag-in-boxes are diluted with water, so there’s no single-use plastics.”

She continued: We’re very excited to bring the Hot’n’Cold to European Coffee Expo next spring. Our cold machine was only about juices, but this is hot and cold and can dispense hot or iced coffee and tea, alongside a juice option plus chilled or hot water.

“The juice sector is very different to the coffee market and we want to get closer to the coffee sector and be part of it. European Coffee Expo is the perfect environment to do that.”

She added: “This machine is really a game-changer, but often people don’t really ‘get it’ until they see it in action first hand and get to open it up, look inside and fully understand everything it offers.”

Zerica/BeviLaNatura expands UK team

Phil Lemon has joined the Zerica/BeviLaNatura team in the UK, joining with sales and marketing experience in the water cooler and high tech cyber security industries.

He said: “I’m really excited about the direction Zerica is taking with their new BeviLaNatura brand. 

“Coming from the water cooler industry, I have always known Zerica for its market-leading innovation but what they’ve done in expanding into the drinks market is unbelievable. Just take the Natura Hot’n’Cold for example: coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot water, chilled water and fruit juice all from one compact dispenser! It really is a total drinks solution!”

Gemma Tuxford, director said: “The whole team are very excited to have Phil on board. He really understands the power and impact of all the Internet of Things technologies our machines have from his software experience and blends that nicely with the customer facing experience he’s had in the water industry.”

  • BeviLaNatura will be exhibiting on Stand B28 at European Coffee Expo at London's Olympia, May 21-22, 2019.
  • To book a stand, click here. Or to register as a visitor, click here.
  • To see the Natura Hot’n’Cold in action, click here.



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