Harris + Hoole opens 40th site

Harris + Hoole opens 40th site

Harris + Hoole will be opening its 40th coffee shop in August, on the site of a former Maison Blanc bakery in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, with plans to open one further site in London later this year.

In 2019 the expansion is set to continue with plans for five further sites, Harris + Hoole’s head of commercial development Josh Brown told Coffee Business World.

Henley, like its New Cavendish Street shop, is a ‘preferred, bigger’, two-storey space, allowing Harris + Hoole to zone and design areas more suited for the local demographic.

Brown explained: “Space is key, as we want to create different zones to attract various customer groups. When opening a new site, we take time to listen to what people want.”

Initiatives like its ‘#CoffeeCrowd’, which sees stores raising money for local causes and charities, from beds for children’s hospitals to support for the local football team, is all part of Harris + Hoole’s commitment to engaging and working more closely with resident communities. Brown added that more than 200 various local enterprises had been supported since #CoffeeCrowd was launched two years ago, raising just over £52k.

In other areas of the business, its new ‘Harris + Coole’ summer drinks range has been selling extremely well in light of the recent hot weather. “So far it has been a really good summer for us. It is always a challenge to make sure the right offer is in place for our customers, but we’re pleased with how well the summer drinks offer has been going.”

Included in the range is the Coole Black, which filters single origin espresso through a paper filter into iced water, and Chillers that blend espresso with frozen yoghurt.

Pictured: Harris + Hoole’s new shop in Chichester, which is also on a former Maison Blanc site. It’s the second site for the company in the town, with the first within the Tesco Extra. Tesco sold Harris + Hoole to Caffe Nero in 2016.




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