Going out less often, leading a healthy lifestyle, and expensive drinks – the main reasons why drinkers are cutting down on alcohol

Going out less often, leading a healthy lifestyle, and expensive drinks – the main reasons why drinkers are cutting down on alcohol

British drinkers are swapping strong cocktails, for low ABV spirits or sophisticated soft drinks, and they need to look instagrammable according to a new study by premium soft drink, tonic and mixer brand, Franklin & Sons.

With the growing trend towards leading a healthy lifestyle, consumers are being mindful about their alcohol consumption. Drinking less, and choosing quality over quantity when it comes to ingredients and measures. The survey, conducted with Launchpad Research, of 1,300 UK adults including hundreds of under 35s, has found that one third of people are drinking less than they did twelve months ago. Another third intend to cut down over the next twelve months.

That doesn’t mean that consumers have stopped going out and socialising, this is in fact the main reason why they have cut back consumption. Millennials are spearheading the trend towards low and no, with the Franklin & Sons study showing that almost a third are swapping to these options over high-strength cocktails. A significant 79% of consumers would opt for a non-alcoholic serve - drinking a fifth less than Generation X, and showing a clear trend towards moderation. With delicious and accessible options such as the Franklin & Sons Sister’s Soda range, it’s becoming increasingly easier to choose low calorie, tasty soft drinks. The new sparkling waters are bursting with real, zesty fruit, available in three unique combinations, and just 45 calories per can.

Irrespective of whether alcohol is involved or not, the study found that 60% of millennials want their drinks to look good for social media, and 75% of 18-34 year olds regularly post photos of their drinks. This means that licensed venues should ensure that they are ripe with Instagram opportunities, by offering on-trend recipes and serving them in unconventional ways, to provide the ultimate social media moment.

What makes consumers share a photo of a drink/drinks on social media



The way it looks served


To show off


If I’ve found something new/amazing I want to share with friends


To record a good time/ a memory


If I’ve found something I didn’t like


An ‘over the top serving’/ dressing of the drink


To show an event/celebration e.g. Friday


Rosie Crossman, Franklin & Sons Brand Manager, says: “We are definitely seeing a trend towards quality over quantity when it comes to the way people drink. Socialising means more to our consumers than a couple of pints down the pub, they demand Instagram worthy serves, which aren’t packed full of artificial colours, flavours or sugar or high in calories. Franklin & Sons soft drinks, tonics and mixers lead this trend, inclusive of all-natural ingredients, with the majority containing less than 5g of sugar per 100ml – there’s no need to compromise, whether drinking alcohol or not.”

Franklin & Sons will be exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo 2020 on stand H7

For more information on stands and sponsorship at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drink Expo 2020, which will take place at London’s Olympia on 19 and 20 May, contact John Blackley on +44 (0) 203 668 9809 or email johnblackley@europeancoffeeexpo.com

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