Exhibitor spotlight: Luscombe Drinks


This week we turn the exhibitor spotlight on to Luscombe Drinks, producers of award-winning organic drinks, on stand D11 at European Coffee Expo, London Olympia May 22-23. Here, Luscombe Drinks' head of sales Gareth Hess explains what will be on offer to visitors at the show. To register, click here.


What are the main products you’ll be exhibiting at European Coffee Expo?

Luscombe Drinks will be showcasing the whole range of its award-winning organic drinks. These include fruit juices, sparkling fruit crushes, traditional ginger beers and a still lemonade, gentle bubblies and some new sparkling fruit waters. All the Luscombe drinks are made with natural ingredients, and are free from any artificial additives, flavourings and preservatives.


Tell us about your new range of no-added sugar products:

Luscombe Drinks has just launched a range of sparkling fruit waters in response to the demand for no-added sugar products, and the introduction of the Sugar Levy. The first three flavours are sour cherry, raspberry and passion fruit. They are made with minimal processing, combining carbonated Devon spring water with lots of fruit content, with each 27cl bottle containing less than 45 kcals.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

Consumers are particularly interested in knowing the provenance of what they are consuming. This benefits Luscombe Drinks, as we have built our reputation on crafting delicious tasting drinks made with natural organic ingredients and soft Devon spring water. With a growing number of consumers choosing not to drink alcohol there is also an opportunity to offer more sophisticated soft drinks with interesting flavours – such as the Luscombe Damascene Rose Bubbly, all of which work in a coffee shop environment.


And how are you responding?

Even before the introduction of the sugar levy, we have been reformulating some of the Luscombe Drinks recipes, with a view to reducing the sugar content but without compromising on the taste. However, quite a number of the Luscombe range don’t have any added cane sugar, as they use the natural fruit sugars to create their amazing taste profiles.


Why European Coffee Expo? What attracted you to exhibit at this show?

We are continually looking at different ways to showcase the Luscombe Drinks range to new as well as existing customers, reminding them of what we have to offer. With such an extensive portfolio, we have something for everyone! The list of potential visitors includes some very interesting decision-makers that we would like to meet.

  • Luscombe Drinks will be exhibiting on stand D11 at European Coffee Expo on May 22-23 at London's Olympia. To register click here.



Since 1087 the Luscombe estate has been a hive of farming activity, with the farm making an appearance in the dooms day book. Luscombe drinks have continued the estates story, crafting and perfecting their drinks on the farm since 1975.

Luscombe itself is an ancient name; ‘hlose’ from the Saxon for ‘valley of the swine’, while ‘coombe’ is Anglo-Saxon for ‘short valley’. Inspired by our rich history, the logo’s winged apple represents the fruit of our orchards entwined with the wings of the angel Gabriel, after founder Gabriel David.

Apples have always been at the heart of Luscombe. Cider has been pressed and fermented on site since the twelfth century. Traditionally, workers were paid, at least in part, with cider – up to a rather generous five gallons in the summer. That’s how things were done here right up until the 1970s.

The Luscombe family left the farm around 1750, and it wasn’t for another two centuries that the current owner, Julian David, opened the next chapter in the Luscombe story. Julian relished the opportunity to rejuvenate Luscombe’s cider pressing heritage, and continued the tradition, selling freshly pressed drinks from the farm gate. Production increased over the years and, in 1983, Luscombe cider earned first prize and the Reserve Champion Award at the Devon County Show.

Then, in 1997, Gabriel David returned from a spell in Sicily, to join his father in the family business. Inspired to bring home the evocative flavours of his travels, he began crafting classic English soft drinks and juices from organic ingredients. Every drink was – and still is today – entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings or enhancers. With an ever-growing collection of awards and accolades, and Gabriel at the helm, Luscombe Drinks is still very much a family business.

Now supplying over 12 countries and producing more than 9.5 million bottles per year, the business continues to remain faithful to its principles and serve up ever more innovative natural flavours.


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