Exhibitor Spotlight: Alpro For Professionals


It’s the final week before European Coffee Expo and we turn the exhibitor spotlight onto Alpro For Professionals, which will be exhibiting on stand G15 and is plant-based sponsor of the Coffee Bar and Bistro.


What will be the main products Alpro will be exhibiting at European Coffee Expo?

Alpro will be exhibiting its full ‘For Professionals’ range, which includes Alpro Soya For Professionals, Alpro Almond For Professionals and Alpro Coconut For Professionals. The only plant-based alternative range on the market designed especially for baristas, the drinks deliver high performance workability, a rich and glossy micro-foam and delicious taste in coffee time after time. Visitors will be able to sample the whole range in a variety of hot and cold drinks to demonstrate how simple it can be to incorporate plant-based into their menus.

Leading the market in plant-based food and drink, Alpro’s sustainability credentials-both social and ecological-are outstanding. On stand, visitors will be able to learn about the steps Alpro takes to minimise its impact on the planet; careful sourcing that’s kept as local as possible, with the majority of Alpro’s soya coming from Europe, and its Almonds from the Mediterranean; rain-fed crops where possible; never using GMO produce; minimising its carbon footprint by using boats to transport ingredients where possible; and using fully recyclable Tetra packaging.

Alpro only buys from farmers that they have direct contact with, and ensure that they correctly advise and guarantee sufficient income if crop failure should occur. Supporting local farmers in these different ways leads to stronger trade relationships, which increases the partnership.


Why European Coffee Expo? What attracted Alpro to this show?

European Coffee EXPO provides a great opportunity to talk directly with the industry, communicate Alpro’s brand values and demonstrate what makes Alpro For Professionals such an outstanding product. We’re excited to be involved in the first year of what we hope and expect will be a great show.


What were the key reasons for wanting to get involved with the bistro?

Consumer interest in plant-based alternatives is at an all-time high. Recent research by the Allegra World Coffee Portal has reported that requests for soya have levelled with requests for semi-skimmed milk amongst the under 25s (11 per cent and 12 per cent respectively). The same research saw two in five (40 per cent) coffee industry professionals report an increase in consumer demand for Almond plant-based alternatives in coffee shops in the last year, which backs up the fact that one in three of those surveyed (35 per cent) said they chose a plant-based coffee out of home at least once a month.

This is indicative of what we are calling the ‘normalisation’ of plant-based eating, with people opting for a plant-based option such as a Coconut Cappuccino out of home simply because they like the taste. Our involvement in the bistro allows us to flip the concept of a coffee bar on its head, where plant-based coffees will be the norm! It also allows us to demonstrate first-hand the menu possibilities our products offer, and their great taste in coffee.  


What does Alpro see as the current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now? And how is it responding?

Sustainable sourcing and production is one of the biggest challenges facing our industry today. If we carry on eating, producing and packaging food and drink in the way that we are and using the Earth’s resources to such an extent, we will need the equivalent of two planets by 2030. Not only is plant-based eating a positive step in reducing the resources we use, for example, one day of plant-based eating can save the equivalent water as two-weeks’ worth of showers*, but at Alpro, we also take steps to protect our planet at every stage of our products’ journey – starting with sourcing of our ingredients, all the way through to the packaging we use. People can find out more about the steps Alpro takes to protect our planet on our stand and at alpro.com/for-professionals. 

*Estimates based on replacing beef with a soya alternative (15 showers)

  • Alpro will be exhibiting on stand G15.


To find out more about Alpro For Professionals, and for stockist information, visit:

 Website: alpro.com/for-professionals

 Alternatively, contact:

 Email address: graham.kelly@alpro.com

Telephone number: 0800 169 4856


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