Exhibitor Profiles: Heineken, Toper Coffee Roasters and Proweight



Brewer Heineken explains what it is showcasing at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo and how operators can benefit from the move towards alcohol-free and its Blade dispense system. 

Otto Esser, head of Blade at Heineken UK, talks to Beverage Business World. 


Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We’re seeing consumers changing their attitudes when it comes to out of home occasions, where they are increasingly looking for one venue to fulfil a number of different requirements and experiences. They may start the afternoon with a coffee, but come the evening, they want a greater variety on offer. Blade enables licensees to encourage consumers to trade up from soft drinks to an alcoholic option, or a Heineken 0.0 - both at a higher price point than a soft drink - once evening approaches.

Operators need to be fully equipped to cater for the transition from day to night in order to encourage dwell time and repeat purchase, ultimately maximising on sales. Exhibiting our Blade system at the Expo gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to coffee shops, cafés, hotels and leisure operators that they are able to cater for this transition as well as facilitating the trade up opportunity without needing to install significantly more equipment.   


What will you be exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We’ll be exhibiting our cutting-edge beer dispense system - Blade. Blade is a hassle-free draught system which allows outlets to serve draught beer without the need for a cellar or traditional dispense equipment. Blade’s A4 sized footprint means that all that’s required to pour the perfect beer is a countertop and plug. What’s more, Blade is easy to set up, with no installation or maintenance costs incurred. At the show, we’ll be exhibiting a range of our beers on Blade including Heineken, Heineken 0.0 and Birra Moretti.

With 50% of consumers now moderating their alcohol intake and 15% more likely to visit pubs if a broader range of non-alcoholic options were available, we have launched Heineken 0.0 on Blade. This exciting launch is the first time that alcohol-free has been widely available on draught. It creates a significant opportunity for operators who are able to harness additional sales from consumers who may have not otherwise visited their outlet.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

Throughout the sector, we are seeing consumers looking to Live Better both in regards to what they eat, but also when it comes to moderating their alcohol intake. 50% of consumers are now moderating their alcohol intake and low and no-alcohol is now worth £50M in the UK. In response to the demand for healthy living, we have recently extended our draught range on Blade to include Heineken 0.0. In addition, ranging Heineken 0.0 on Blade allows additional sales from consumers who may not have visited the outlet if a low or no option hadn’t been available. Following a successful trial, Heineken 0.0 on Blade is currently being rolled out across 3,000 outlets nationwide.


Toper Coffee Roasters

Toper Coffee Roasters has been producing coffee roasters for more than 60 years and has customers in more than 130 countries. Toper said it is the eighth largest manufacturer of roasters in the world, producing roasters from 1kg to 1200kg in size.  They also produce other equipment in respect of roasting coffee, silos, destoner and loaders.

Pennine Coffee Roasters Kenneth Cooper, the UK agent and distributor for Toper, explains why they are at the show.


Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

As a visitor to the Expo in 2018 I was impressed with the organisation, the quality of the companies exhibiting, the vibe of the new show. It was an exhibition for us to have a stand at in 2019.


What are you planning to showcase at the show?

We will be representing Toper Coffee Roasters as their agent for the UK and Ireland. On the stand we will be having their new 1kg Cafemino roaster with integrated afterburner, a 5kg coffee roaster and an inexpensive weighing/bagging machine.

The Cafemino 1kg roaster with integrated afterburner is a new product. It enables proprietors of coffee shops to roast coffee on the premises without the need for ducting and a separate afterburner.

What innovation is taking place in the industry?

For a number of reasons, people want to know where the coffee is coming from. Many people are becoming micro roasters and they can connect with the farmers and can purchase sustainable quality green beans, Artisan roasters can offer an ever-changing number of origins of green beans, which can improve the education of coffee to the consumer. One of the challenges to the sector is that coffee at the present moment is to cheap, which could lead to farmers uprooting their coffee bushes and planting another crop.


Proweight manufactures weighing, filling and dosing systems of all shapes and sizes. It intends to increase its scope to include material handling, whether it be taking roasted beans to be weighed or a filled bag to be sealed.

Alastair Roulstone, sales director, talks about the Expo.

Why and what are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

From the level of interest we’ve had from the coffee industry in the last 18 months, we knew we should try and get out there and meet as many potential customers as possible. European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo was mentioned to me in 2018 and earlier this year it was recommended again. Being a trade show with our potential audience both exhibiting and visiting made perfect sense for us. If we exhibited at a consumer event we’d be the annoying people try to sell to other exhibitors. We will certainly be exhibiting two of our standard model of Batch Weighers (the Semi-Automatic & the Automatic).  We also hope to have our own vacuum loading system to take roasted beans to the weigher, which is currently in development.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

The immense growth of the coffee industry, especially with independent roasters, has opened up strong opportunities within our business. This growth has obviously led to increased competition, including increased competition between roasteries, which will mean maintaining growth becomes more challenging. There is certainly no better time to reduce waste, whether it be product, packaging or labour hours.


How are you responding to these challenges?

Facing more competition domestically and internationally is a challenge we’re more than happy to accept. One thing we’re sure of is our equipment, it’s performance, reliability, high quality and user friendliness. We have recently re-designed two of our popular machines in a way to drastically reduce build time to improve our competitiveness further, in an attempt to combat imported equipment from South East Asia. Also, being a small business, exposure has always been an area for improvement. Over the last two years a lot of time has been spent on updating the branding and stepping up marketing over email, phone and social media platforms.







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