Exhibitor Profiles: Teariffic, Purezza, Cindie Trading Company, Proaster

Exhibitor Profiles:  Teariffic, Purezza, Cindie Trading Company, Proaster



The Teariffic tea brand is showcasing its products at the European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo. Arnica Yuille, director of Teariffic talks about its plans for the Expo. 

Why are you exhibiting at the European Coffee Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

The Expo’s focus on beverages, including tea, is what attracted us to the show. Exhibiting will give us the opportunity to show our new range of teas to key people in the industry, including potential customers from the UK and other European countries.

We’ll be exhibiting our Japanese Matcha and our exciting new range of tea blends and herbal infusions.


Have you launched any new products recently?

We’ve recently launched a range of tea blends and herbal infusions. Some long-time favourites and new wonderful flavours, with more on the way. Our specialty tea blends alongside our Matcha ensures we have a delicious option for every taste. 


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now? 

New tea trends are being powered by a new generation in favour of teas that would help them feel good. Speciality teas continue to offer an endless array of great flavours and blends to meet this demand.

Sustainability is here to stay, and the challenge remains for us to become sustainable and this extends to all suppliers of products and services that deliver to hospitality.


Waterlogic Purezza

Waterlogic was originally founded in 1992 and its Purezza system is a complete filtration and dispensing system, which allows operators to create its own premium still or sparkling water on demand straight from the tap. André Bailey, marketing executive at Waterlogic talks about its plans for the Expo.


Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We understand that awareness of the Purezza offering within the hospitality industry isn't where it needs to be yet. The show has the right audience for us to make strides in changing this, especially amongst independent and franchise cafés. We will be providing taste tests as proof of concept and looking to open conversations with forward thinking venues that want to make a change for the better.


What are the main products you will be exhibiting at the Expo?

Purezza is the perfect choice for any venue in the hospitality industry motivated to reduce their impact on the environment. It gives venues the ability to freshly bottle and dispense unlimited amounts of premium still and sparkling water in-house in a simple and easy way. This provides venues with the opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment, make significant cost savings, lower storage requirements and increase profits. 

Our range of dispensers suit all environments and are available in countertop, freestanding and undercounter with bar tap options. In addition to this, our Purezza branded bottles are dishwasher safe and are a premium way to serve still and sparkling water to customers. 

Towards the end of last year we launched our classy and modern front of house dispenser the P1 Bar. This countertop dispenser will complement any stylish and contemporary café, restaurant or bar while dispensing premium quality still and sparkling water time after time.

We are also working on other dispensers that will include advanced purification technology to further improve the quality of water dispensed from our systems. Our new dispensers will be available in both countertop and freestanding.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

A key challenge for the sector and many others right now is the pressure from both consumers and the media to improve the impact we're having on the environment. We've seen Pret-a-Manger make strides with their in-house self-serve water taps, encouraging customers to refill with Pret branded reusable bottles. This shows that some businesses within the sector are proactively turning the challenge into an opportunity. We believe Purezza is an opportunity that addresses the challenge at hand.

There are a number of manufacturers providing a variety of ways the hospitality industry can improve their impact on the environment. We're glad to be one of them.

We believe we're responding with Purezza. Purezza is a sustainable yet commercial alternative to single use bottled water - it's a no brainer.  Serving Purezza enables venues to significantly reduce their plastic and glass waste along with the typical recycling issues that come along with these. The best part is, Purezza achieves all of this without compromising on high quality still and sparkling water and providing the additional benefit of a profit opportunity. Purezza is definitely a visible statement of positive change for venues.



Cindie Trading Company

Cindie Trading Company is a trading company that wants to being Taiwanese tea to Europe.  Debbie Su from Cindie Trading explains what it will be showcasing at the Expo.


Why were you attracted to exhibit at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We are a trading and consulting company that would like to introduce Taiwanese Formosa Oolong tea to Europe. There are three brands, Cindie Tè, Cha Yuan Ming & Yi Pin Shan Lu. 

We thought this would be a nice opportunity for us to know more about the tea market in the UK.  The show has a designed Tea Quarter, tea trail, theatre and has also invited some guests to talk about tea.

What will you be exhibiting at the Expo?

Cindie Tè. is a young Taiwanese tea brand that chose Italy to be the first tea market in Europe. It mainly provides quality Oolong tea from Taiwan which is our speciality. Oolong Tea has different levels of oxidation between 20% and 75% oxidation whilegreen tea is un-oxidised and black tea is fully oxidised. Different levels of oxidation create different flavours and tastes of Oolong Tea. This is also the beauty of Oolong since you can find the very light/fresh taste of oolong, such as Baochung, to very strong/heavy taste of oolong such as Tieh Guan Yin.

What is unique about your products?

We are targeting the customers who would like to find the tea, which could tell the story itself. We believe that Taiwanese Oolong tea is the perfect combination of Taiwanese people, culture and unique geography and temperature, which forms the amazing Formosa Oolong tea. 





Proaster, the Korean-based coffee roaster suppliers is coming to the Expo. Here it explains its plans for the event.


What attracted you to exhibit at the Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We are excited to roast at the show. This is a great opportunity for coffee roasters to see first hand the quality and workmanship that has propelled us to a worldwide audience. We are happy that the European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo is giving us a stage to show customers our products.


Where are your products stocked?


We have hundreds of small roastery cafes in Korea. Each one roasts about 25-30kg of coffee per week or more. The vast majority of these cafes use Proaster roasters for their exceptional results and durability.  The Korean coffee consumers have come to expect excellent coffee that is expertly roasted. We are proud to showcase our 1.5kg machine that helped fuel this revolution of coffee culture in Korea.


What will you be showcasing at the show?

The best roasters are demanding improved control of airflow and heat throughout the roast as well as multiple data points to optimize results.  

Proaster is the best roaster when it comes to real-time adjustments of airflow and heat controls.  Additionally, we are listening to our customers and adding additional sensors to help our roasters collect the data they need to optimize their roasts.

Our roaster has the ideal combination of conduction and convection heat and our double-walled drum has exceptional heat retention all of which leads to the most even and delicate roasts. 

Additionally, our airflow damper allows the roaster to control the airflow throughout the roast to create the exact roasting profiles desired. 




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