Exhibitor Profiles: Brades Farm, Moyee Coffee, LF Spare Parts and Magic Add


Brades Farm

In 2015 the family dairy farm saw a gap in the market for quality traceable milk and decided to embark on a new venture creating Britain’s first barista milk. Brades Farm Original Barista Milk has been specifically designed for use with coffee. It's a mix of Jersey and Holstein that has a higher protein and fat content than regular milk. It's also not homogenised which, when heated, provides a micro foam with silky texture and lasting hold, perfect for latte art. The milk is fully traceable back to Brades Farm, a third generation family farm located in the beautiful Lune Valley, Lancashire. 

Kim Howard, operations manager from Brades Farm,  talks about its plans for the show. 


Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We attended the event last year and were really impressed at the quality of contacts made just by being there. Some have since grown to be great relationships for us. We were also really impressed with the speakers, debates and discussions that took place. For us, stepping off the farm to spend quality time and learn more from the wonderful people in the industry is so valuable. It also means we get to come up with new ideas and ensure that we are producing a product that our customers want in the way that they want it.

What are the main products you will be exhibiting?

It's all about the milk and also providing the opportunity for people to find out more about where it comes from and build up a relationship with us. Ask us about how we farm, why the milk differs from standard milk and what makes it special. We constantly get told that it's a great story - which it is, however the product really is of a superior quality and hard work goes into that. There is science, good farming practices and processing to what we do to ensure that the product performs in the optimum way for coffee.
az``For the past 18 months we have been working to reduce the methane emissions of our herd. We're the first dairy farm globally to use a natural supplement that has resulted in us reducing our methane emissions by 30%. This year we are looking to continue feeding this to our herd and promote that the milk has come from a climate smarter herd. We believe that this is a game changer for the agricultural industry in terms of reducing harmful GHGs and are really excited to launch later this year. We know many companies are looking to work on reducing their own carbon footprint and we believe buying milk that has come from a farm that has worked to reduce their carbon impact would be an easy thing to implement for a relatively low cost.

What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

The hot topic on everyone's lips at the moment is climate change. From our journey reducing methane we've found there is so much information out there.  As with most things not all of it is factual and some can be scarily misleading. With such a complex topic, we have so much to learn and need to investigate the science from all sides and consider short term and long term changes. Having said that, there is real opportunity to make a difference and if we all look at what we can do better as businesses.


Moyee Coffee

Moyee Coffee is launching into the UK at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo. The brand, which is already available in Holland and Ireland supplies restaurants, foodservice, offices and retail sales. Tara Quick, chief caffinator, Moyee Coffee UK talks about the show.

Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft drinks Expo Expo?

The Expo is a brilliant platform to have like-minded changemakers join the FairChain movement. It's the perfect chance to share our story, get new partners to join us on our journey and, most importantly, to create an opportunity to taste our outrageously good coffee.


What are the main products you will be exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We have four things that set us apart as a coffee supplier: our coffee is grown in forests, not intensively farmed in fields; we roast our coffee in the countries of origin; we create more economic value from coffee in the countries of origin and we have a transparent, digital supply chain.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

It's possible to enjoy great coffee and make a difference. At Moyee Coffee, we believe that having a greater purpose - to bring about change for the better in the coffee industry - is not only possible, but something our customers should know about and have the chance to be part of.

A FairChain only works if we have great coffee too. We’ve gone to great lengths to create coffee that will knock the socks off any artisan coffee. Please don’t just take our word for it. Try our radically good coffee at the European Expo. FairChain will only work if we work together. We need like-minded partners to join us in creating a radically good coffee movement in the UK. Let's make every sip count together!


LFS Spare Parts 

LF Spare Parts, the leading spare parts distributor in Europe, provides the largest online one-stop shop of spare parts for espresso coffee machines. LF provides products such as heating elements, silicone gaskets, water/steam taps, boiler valves, filter holders, showers, coffee tampers, milk pitchers.

Mark Brooks, director of LF Spare Parts, explains what it will be showcasing at the Expo.


Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

We needed an industry show that focused on machines and roasters and not on the everyday cafe supplies.  We only work with trade customers. We need to ensure that our visibility in the market is strong and that we are present to solve our customers problems. 


What are the main products you will be exhibiting at the Expo?

We are going to launch our new catalogue Van stock and new edition of Barista Tools. This new catalogue lists all those spare parts used for everyday set-ups and small-scale, on-site maintenance, as well as for quick repairs on professional coffee machines carried out by customer service centres.

The catalogue lists over 1,600 items – all the spare parts service technicians should always have in their van.

Along with the Top Sellers and Barista Toolscatalogues, the Van Stock is LF’s way of attending to its customers’ needs. Whether it is an installation, an on-site fix, a thorough inspection, or a supply of accessories for a barista’s daily activities, LF has got you covered.

Finding the right spare part for you has never been this easy! LF has also extended its range of accessories and products which are all featured in this brand-new edition of the Barista Tools catalogue.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

The market is still growing and our opportunity, as the largest spare parts company in Europe, is to become the one stop shop for spare parts, accessories and cleaning chemicals to the trade in the UK.  Brexit (whatever it looks like) has been, and is, a challenge and we have to ensure our supply chain and logistics are as robust as possible.


Magic Add


Magic Add, the Finland-based Smart Packaging Platform, provides technology to protect, promote, and track products at the unit level with existing packaging. Magic Add uses unique identifiers and a cloud-based platform to make cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Magic Add’s technology can be used to combat a diverse range of issues such as counterfeit goods and food waste.

Ari Salonen, ceo and co-founder of Magic Add, talks about plans for the show.

Why are you exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft drinks Expo?

Because our solutions can be used at various stages of the value chain, we want to meet with both producers and consumer-facing retailers. This event appealed to us because it includes the whole beverage ecosystem.


What are the main products you will be exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo?

Magic Add will focus on two service offerings, origin tracking and consumer engagement. Our origin tracking solution tracks raw materials, like coffee beans and tea leaves, from the point of harvest, through the supply chain, all the way to the final packaged product.

Our consumer engagement solution for takeaway beverage cups provides consumers with fun, relevant information in the palm of their hand. Scanning the cup with a mobile device links the user to a game, loyalty program, or any other content the client wants to share.


What do you see as the key current opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

Consumers are increasingly looking for personalized experiences. Cafés, coffee shops, and others that embrace digitalization have an opportunity to provide consumers with tailored, engaging experiences that build brand loyalty. Consumers also increasingly want to know more about the products they buy, especially food and beverage products. This includes where they came from, how they were made, and whether sustainable practices were used. For coffee and tea providers, a major challenge is adding transparency to their supply chains.








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