Exhibitor Profile: Cropster


Cropster, the software supplier, works with roasters and coffee producers to help everyone in this supply chain access the best processes, expertise and products.

Paul Bartholomew, head of marketing & communications at Cropster explains why the company is exhibiting at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo 2019 as well as being a sponsor of the Roastery Masterclass Live!


What attracted you to exhibit at European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo for 2019?

European Coffee, Tea & Soft Drinks Expo has a great mix of attendees and exhibitors. We are excited to see many friends, customers and partners who will be attending and are looking forward to meeting a similar mix of new people in 2019. We're also really excited that they will be featuring a Roastery Masterclass this year and are thrilled to be a sponsor.  


What are you planning to showcase as an exhibitor at the show?

We'll be showcasing our award winning Cropster Roast software including the latest version of Roasting Intelligence. With our focus across the coffee supply chain we will also be showcasing Cropster Lab for specialty coffee businesses and traders as well as some new developments in sensors that we can't reveal just yet.


You are the software sponsor at the Roastery Masterclass Live! Why?

The Roastery Masterclass is a terrific opportunity for us to stand beside a number of the UKs best roasters, many of whom we have worked with for years, and help them share their expertise and the tools they have used to develop it.


Innovation is key to hospitality businesses, what do you feel are the most exciting aspects of the sector right now?

A lot of our focus is on building quality processes into every aspect of the coffee supply chain. There is a lot of this innovation happening with data collected up and down the supply chain. Helping people collect the information they need to make better decisions without adding to their workload has made a huge difference in specialty coffee. Our Roasting Intelligence is one part of the process, but innovations like QR codes to make moving information easy, Cupping apps so collecting this information is quick and intelligent reporting are all helping people make better decisions daily. That, in turn, results in a better cup of coffee. We'll be sharing some new innovations at the show using inexpensive sensors that will help accelerate this trend. We're really excited about them.







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