European Coffee Expo ‘Exhibitor spotlight’: Kenya Tea

European Coffee Expo ‘Exhibitor spotlight’: Kenya Tea

Each week we’ll be bringing you the latest news, exhibitor profiles, visitor information, conference speakers and more to keep you up-to-date with what’s going to be happening at European Coffee Expo, which takes places at London’s Olympia on May 22-23.


Here we turn the spotlight onto Kenya Tea, the artisan tea company:

What will you be showcasing at the show?

We shall be exhibiting a collection of the finest loose teas, tea bags and premium graded green coffee beans under our brand Kenya Tea.

Some of the products showcased will be:

  • 250g Premium Loose Tea - which is already on sale online.
  • 40 Premium Everyday Tea bags
  • 100 Enveloped String & Tag tea bags
  • 5kg Green Coffee Beans


Are you launching any new products at the Expo?

  • We are currently working on three products which we aim to launch at the Expo including Premium Everyday Tea bags, which are ideal for retailers, enveloped string & tag tea bags which are ideal for food-service, hotels, guest houses, board rooms or hospitality trays. Thirdly, Green Coffee Beans (100% Arabica), which are a great choice for roasters, hotels, cafes and restaurants who may wish to buy in bulk.
  • We shall also be marketing our Tea/Coffee sourcing, sampling and bulk importation services.

Tell us about what you see as the key opportunities and challenges for the sector right now?

Kenya is the world’s leading exporter of black tea and it is also one of the largest coffee producers on the African continent.

The UK is currently the third largest export market for Kenyan Tea and the Kenyan Arabica Coffee has also become highly sought after.

We see an opportunity in providing a collection of fresh premium Kenyan teas and coffee locally that have been ethically sourced from Kenya.

And how are you responding?

The sector has stiff competition but I believe focusing on a Single Origin would give us a competitive advantage.

Finally, why European Coffee Expo? What attracted you to exhibit at this show?

What attracted me the most was the opportunity to be in front of buyers at a trade-only event focused on coffee and tea. It would be a great opportunity to showcase our products to many high-level individuals within the industry.

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