Could cold drip coffee knock cold brew off the top slot?

Could cold drip coffee knock cold brew off the top slot?

Cold drip coffee could be set to rival the dominance of cold brew in the UK market, Robert Nijhof owner at Batavia Coffee has predicted.

The operator, who is based in the Netherlands, said that restaurants, cafes and bars, are looking for something more special with a good flavour profile. He also said that in the UK market, there are number of premises he has encountered, that are unhappy with their cold brew and are transferring over to cold drip coffee.

“If we are able to convert we should be pushing cold brew out of the market,” he told Beverage Business World. 

While both cold brew and cold drip produce cold coffee the two processes are competely different.  

“The cold brew process is really easy because all you need is a bucket of water and some brown coffee. You throw the coffee grounds in the water and let it sit overnight, filter out the coffee and then you have cold brew,” he explained.

However, he argued that the downside of this process is that there is an equilibrium point where no more flavour is transported to the coffee grounds.

Cold Drip, as a process, can extract completely different flavours from the coffee grounds at the beginning, middle and end which are then blended, he revealed. 

“Those flavours together can get a rich flavour profile that you can never achieve with the cold brew coffee," he argued.  

One of the benefits of the coffee process, according to Nijhof is that the coffee is a  “lot cleaner" compared to cold brew coffee and is “more gentle on the palate.”

“A lot of owners invest tens of thousands of pounds to be able to brew a great espresso. But they do not put that effort to provide a good ice coffee,’ he said.

The method, which is also called Dutch Coffee, is said to have been invented by Dutch traders and sailors travelling in North East Asia, who were unable to brew hot coffee.



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