Consumers failing over coffee cup recycling

Consumers failing over coffee cup recycling

The coffee sector is facing a challenge as research shows that 72% of Brits have never used a flask or reusable cup in a coffee shop.

The survey of 2,000 consumers by Halo Coffee found that while the average Brit buys three cups of coffee a week from high street chains over 50% of them don’t know the difference between recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

And despite the growing awareness of the environment repercussions of single use plastics, only half of Brits are concerned or bothered about the impact of their coffee habit.

Over two-thirds said they blamed the manufacturers for not clearly explaining how to dispose of cups and capsules.

Those that were concerned about the environment cited the following reasons of “causing damage to the planet” (72%), the belief that “single use plastic can’t be recycled” (46%) and “they won’t be recycled correctly” (32%).

Nils Leonard, founder of Halo Coffee said: “As a nation of coffee lovers, we’re still not committed enough to recycle cups and capsules. We’re also totally confused about how to do this effectively - recycle the lid, put the cup in the normal bin, throw the capsule in the recycling but wash it out first etc. – this all needs simplifying."  

The news comes as Boston Tea Party revealed it has stopped over 81,500 disposable coffee cups from going into landfill in its first six months after banning single use coffee cups. (CBW5Dec)




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