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GenerationJuice, which launched its award-winning T300 soft drink dispense machine in January, is set to show visitors at European Coffee Expo the versatility of this multi-tasting juice delivery system that can offer consumers a choice of six to nine drinks from one compact device.

The space-saving design (just 34cm wide) can deliver 120-litres of chilled juice and drinks – that’s 400-500 servings – with multi-drink options giving consumers greater choice, all served from a hygienic delivery system that offers consistent servings every time.

Director Simon Edwards, who has spent 20 years in business development, explained that the idea for the T300 was born from a dislike of the bulky, unhygienic dispensers traditionally available, which have consistency problems from cup-to-cup. “We’ve taken liquid dispense equipment from the medical industry to develop a hygienic delivery system that attaches to each cartridge and prevents the build-up of bacteria, a real danger with juices, and stops contamination of one liquid with another, as juice options change.”

With three cartridges, it offers multi-juice combinations, as well as options for smoothies, dessert coulis and natural yogurt flavours from all three concentrate basis. All fall within the Sugar Levy limits too.

Flavours include rose pear, lemon and mint and apple light low calorie options, as well as mango tropical (a three juice blend) and blueberry botanicals, along with the classics, orange, apple, cranberry, etc. All the cartridges are recyclable.

The unit’s app manages delivery precision mixed drinks and includes low and empty alerts, as well as auto-clean controls to improve hygiene.

  • generationJuice will be exhibiting on stand A13 at the European Coffee Expo at London’s Olympia on May 22-23.
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Turmerlicious offers a range of instant, as well as professional barista turmeric lattes and will be launching its Barista Spice – the only turmeric latte blend for the food service industry.

With the real increase in demand for dairy free, vegan and caffeine-free alternatives to tea and coffee, Turmerlicious launched its retail packs of Turmeric lattes last year, which lead to interest from coffee shops, restaurants, universities and health clubs.

Although turmeric lattes are still relatively new to the service industry their popularity is gaining momentum as they are vegan, dairy free, caffeine free whilst still being a soothing, indulgent hot drink.

Turmerlicious is using social media and direct marketing to raise awareness of its products, and is keen to speak to, and offer samples to, visitors to European Coffee Expo on stand C8b.

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BIT Natural

BIT Natural Infusions – a herbal infusion with premium real dried fruit from BIT Natural.

Two new products are currently available from BIT Natural in the UK: Infusion of Spearmint & Hibiscus with Apple and Berries dried fruits; and a Camomile Infusion with tropical dried fruits.

With people becoming more health conscious, BIT Natural believes its products fit very well with consumers’ increasingly busy life style. “No matter where you are, you will always be able to enjoy the goodness of mother earth in a BIT cup. Our product is convenient and most of all very healthy,” said the company, which is focusing on creating 100% natural product free from added sugars for a better way of life.

Come and find out more about BIT Natural and its herbal infusions with premium dried fruit at stand F12 at European Coffee Expo, May 22-23.

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