Space roasted coffee set for UK launch

Space roasted coffee set for UK launch

The UK will be one of the first international markets to be targeted with a new coffee that is roasted in space, Hatem Alkhafaji co-founder and ceo of Space Roasters has told Coffee Business World.

The company is looking to launch its Space Roasting Capsule, in 2020, a patented technology designed specifically to roast beans in the absence of gravity and through utilising the heat gained from the re-entry burn.

The US-based company is currently preparing a crowd funding campaign and its goal is to have a proof of concept launch by the Q3 2019, then the grand opening in 2020.

Alkhafaji said that it had not made a decision on what green beans to use for the roasting as it wants to test different raw beans and understand how each bean type will roast in zero gravity.

“We are looking to source our beans from free trade and women supporting farms as giving back to the community is one of Space Roasters main beliefs,” he said.

“We have plans to extend our sales worldwide to every major city, and the UK market is one of the first to be included in this expansion.”

The idea for the concept started when Alkhafaji and his business partner Anders Cavallini were studying for a masters in Space Studies at the International Space Station in France. They are both coffee enthusiasts and Alkhafaji said the believe they: “Have an opportunity to revolutionise the process of coffee roasting."



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