Coffee flavoured by Norfolk Saltmarshes sells for £50 a kilo.

Coffee flavoured by Norfolk Saltmarshes sells for £50 a kilo.

A new coffee flavoured by the Norfolk Saltmarshes has been launched selling at £50 per kilo.

Marcel Binley, managing director of The Roastery at Bella Barista in Wellingborough, Norfolk, said he had the idea to create his own version of “Monsoon Malabar”. This is the process applied to freshly harvested coffee beans in India where the seeds are exposed to tropical rains to create a unique flavour profile.

The roastery, which launched four years ago, decided to use the Norfolk Saltmarshes to change the flavour and complexity of its Brazilian Camocim coffee beans by storing them for six months in a floating boathouse.

The result was a coffee with a “salted popcorn” finish, smooth full flavours and low acidity. While its initial batches have been limited, it has plans to expand production.

Binley said it is looking to expand its trade sales and is focusing the new coffee on high-end operations such as coffee shops and Michelin star restaurants.

Binley told Coffee Business World: “We are already selling to some trade accounts and are working very hard to get new trade accounts.”

He said that the coffee boom is only just starting to take off in Norfolk with many of the coffee chains using London-based roasters.

“A lot of the coffee shops are going with the big brands from London and it is difficult for us. That is really why I needed to think outside the box and become more innovative. That is when I came up with the idea of the Saltmarsh coffee,” he said.

“It is great way for us to go to successful coffee shops and say how about trying this as a guest coffee.”

The roaster has produced a winter batch and a summer batch to trial the concept and said the results have been positive.

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