Britvic seeks to lead growth in natural energy drinks

Britvic seeks to lead growth in natural energy drinks

Britvic is seeking to lead the growth in ‘natural energy’ drinks by positioning its Purdey’s brand as a “more natural energy drink option”. It is set to become the first natural energy drink to be advertised on TV, as part of a new £3m advertising campaign.

Rachel Phillips, OOH commercial director at Britvic, said: “As the trend around low- and no-alcohol options continues to increase for operators, Purdey’s Natural Energy is the ideal, sophisticated alternative to an alcoholic beverage.

"It delivers on the trend for a more natural, premium drink which is ideal for the adult market."

Phillips added: "This makes the drink an energy choice which consumers feel good about choosing."

Recent research by Purdey’s found out that over two thirds of Brits feel “energy sapped” with 53% admitting they seriously need a boost. When energy levels drop, predictably, 40% admit getting grumpy and irritable; over a quarter (28%) make unhealthy food and drink choices and almost a fifth (19%) skip exercise. Others (45%) lose their motivation and many feel overwhelmed with life (23%). The mental impact of low physical energy is exacerbated by current affairs too:

  • 26% feel drained by Brexit
  • 19% are brought down by politics, current affairs and distressing news stories
  • 14% feel social media is to blame- rising to 28% in young adults

The average Brit now scrolls through 300ft of social media content every day (the equivalent to the height of the Statue of Liberty) and check their phone 30 times a day – and it’s not always a positive experience, showed the research. More than a third of Generation Z have confessed to quitting social media for good as 41% said social media platforms make them feel anxious, sad or depressed.

Purdey’s has created an online tool to help Brits curate their social media experience into a more positive one with suggestions of the top people to follow.



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