CHASH on a mission to raise tea's profile

CHASH on a mission to raise tea's profile

Tea botanist and founder of CHASH - the importers, wholesalers and retailers of high quality tea from around the world - Dan Rook is looking to raise funds to open a tea shop in a dual-utility space that can happily double as a cafe environment while hosting tastings and interactive events.

“We’re looking for a café site in London that’s not just one big room, but has the potential to hold tasting events, while guests in the café can enjoy their perfect peppermint or Earl Grey in comfort,” said Rook, who is on a mission to raise tea’s profile and inject interest in everything from cold-brew tea infusions to exotic varieties.

“We’re a small independent tea company that’s been trading for seven years and now is the right time to expand and grow the business. While the coffee market is booming, there is so much potential for the tea sector to evolve and grow too. After all, tea is our national drink but it’s so often seen as the weaker sibling of the two.

“However, with consumers’ growing interested in healthy products, tea offers huge potential. It’s full of antioxidants and health properties, and cold-brew tea infusions are beginning to give highly sugary, fizzy soft drinks a run for their money.”

CHASH said the hot summer had seen independent cafes begin to embrace the cold-brew tea infusions and Rook believed that with more education, consumers would begin to explore the wider opportunities in tea.

“I feel it’s our responsibility to pull everyone along with us on this journey. Café operators should see the potential tea offers too: it’s not the overly price-sensitive product some believe it is, as people will pay £2.50 or even more than £3 for a quality cold-brew tea infusion, if it’s prepared properly,” said Rook.

“Training and events will be key to fill this knowledge gap.”

Rook added: “CHASH has been called one of the best kept secrets in London, but that’s all going to change.”

CHASH supplies teas to a number of independent coffee shops, including The Gentlemen Baristas, and notable spaces, including the National Gallery, the Royal Academy, Waldorf Astoria, Young Vic and the British Library.


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