Cafe chain bringing 'slice of Australia' to UK set for expansion

Cafe chain bringing 'slice of Australia' to UK set for expansion

Brown & Rosie, the coffee shop and brunch chain, described as bringing a “slice of Australia” to London has opened its second site and has plans for more across the capital.

It opened its first site in South Kensington in November 2016 and has just opened its second site in Notting Hill. The aim of the concept is to offer customers an Australian breakfast and brunch concept with coffee and tea from the country's suppliers.

Its coffee is imported from Sydney–based roaster Pablo and Rusty,  every three to four weeks. These include fairtrade organic espresso coffee, including Porter Street, for a full bodied and classic style espresso, and Pioneer with a medium density. The coffee beans are even planted between banana plantations to give the coffee its flavour and are sourced from countries including Columbia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Brown & Rosie founder Leyli Mustafaeva said: “We work very closely with Pablo and Rusty which is a roastery in Sydney. We are working with Saxon Wright, the founder, and collaborating with him. It is the first project for him and us to ship the coffee direct from the Sydney roaster.”

All its tea is also from Australia as the sites serve T2, the Unilever owned brand.

Sites also offer a range of smoothies and soft drinks such as Karma Cola and Franklin & Sons.

The South Kensington site opens in the evenings serving charceuterie and cheese boards as well as Australian wine and cocktails.

Pablo and Rusty invests in tree planting and rebuilding biodiversity hotspots. It runs its factory on solar and works closely with farmers, with the goal of eliminating waste in the coffee supply chain.










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