Bluebird Café launches UK's first Frozen Afternoon Tea

Bluebird Café launches UK's first Frozen Afternoon Tea

Bluebird Café has teamed up with Halo Top Creamery to launch - what it claims is the UK’s first Frozen Afternoon Tea.

Bluebird Café in London's White City and Halo Top have worked closely to create a new twist on the traditional afternoon tea, fusing unique ice cream flavours with classic puddings.

Loose lead teas are supplied by Brew Tea Co and including English breakfast, Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Lemon & Ginger, Moroccan Mint and Fruit Punch.

Guests can wash the tea down with a Cookies and Cream Freak Shake with whipped cream and a chocolate slice, or a boozy iced tea.

Available throughout the month of July, the menu will also feature a range of products including Gateau Opera Birthday Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake Stick, Cinnamon Roll Royale and even a luxe ice cream sandwich in the form of a macaron filled with Candy Bar ice cream.

Curtis Poole, head pastry chef at Bluebird Café said: “Creating a playful frozen afternoon tea inspired by the ice cream was certainly a first for me but I think it is a great way of bringing two popular brands together with the end result being an assortment of cakes fusing nostalgic flavours with classic puddings.” 



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